Soundbrenner SBP-02 Pulse Smart Vibrating Bluetooth Metronome

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The Soundbrenner Pulse is a wearable metronome that is powered by vibrations. Designed as a dedicated vibration device means way more space is given to the vibration motor than any other wearable on the market. This powerful motor is combined with a cutting edge haptic driver that utilizes patented vibration technology. As a result the Soundbrenner Pulse has the ability to deliver amazingly accurate haptic feedback in the form of strong, distinct vibrations that are easily felt against a musician's skin.

Multi-Player Synchronization
To help bands and orchestras play with rock-solid precision, the Pulse supports Multi-Player Syncronization. Connect up to 5 Soundbrenner Pulse to one smartphone which serves as a master to all devices. In a matter of seconds you can play together, feeling the rhythm in perfect synchronization.

How to Wear it
Each Soundbrenner Pulse comes with two bands. The short band is designed for the wrist and can also be worn by children, the long band is designed for the upper arm and the leg. Depending on your instrument and preference you can try out at home which location you prefer and comfortably switch out the bands.


• Vibrational Metronome - 7x more powerful than the average vibration of a smartphone.
• Create Custom Rhythms - Customize time signatures and subdivisions. Set accents. Feel the difference.
• Multi-Player Synchronization - Link up to 5 devices via Bluetooth to one phone or tablet and feel the beat together.
• DAW Support via MIDI - The Soundbrenner Pulse can receive input from all major DAWs via MIDI.
• Silent Metronome - Use it silently or add audible click played through your headphones or speakers.
• LED Metronome - Lights up in sync with vibrations. Turn it off or choose colours in the app.
• Rhythm & Setlist Library - Create and save your rhythms and organize them in setlists.
• Tap in the Beat - Tap your fingers on the Soundbrenner Pulse and it will follow your tempo. Double tap to start and pause the metronome. Turn the wheel left and right to increase or decrease the BPM.


- 1 Soundbrenner Pulse
- 1 short band
- 1 long band
- 1 USB charging cable (NEW)


Body: 1.75" or 4.5 cm, black casing
Bands: Water-resistant silicon straps in two lengths, 25cm and 42cm
Weight: 47 grams
Motor: Advanced high-quality Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motor; rated 7G
Battery Life: 6 hours of continuous active metronome use
RGB LED lights: Illuminate the logo and wheel in user-definable colours and flash to the beat
User Input: Capacitive touch sensor for tapping interaction; outer wheel to precisely adjust the BPM; companion apps for mobile and desktop
Touch: Capacitive touch sensor for tapping interaction; outer wheel to precisely adjust the BPM; companion apps for mobile and desktop.
Compatibility: Soundbrenner Pulse is compatible with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Soundbrenner apps are compatible with devices that run iOS 8.1 and newer; Android 4.3 and newer; Mac OS X 10.10 and newer
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