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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X Reactive Loadbox, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader - 8 Ohm

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Torpedo Captor X Reactive Loadbox, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader - 8 Ohm

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Torpedo Captor X Reactive Loadbox, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader - 8 Ohm
Torpedo Captor X Reactive Loadbox, Attenuator, Cab Sim and IR Loader - 8 Ohm

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Torpedo Captor X

Reactive Load Box / Virtual Cabinet / Attenuator / IR Loader
Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room with an exceptional choice of perfectly matched speaker cabinets and microphones is truly joyous and an unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X is for tube amp lovers who crave this every time they play - no matter the environment.

The compact solution to your amp being too loud
Play your tube amp at its sweet spot and control your volume with the attenuator, anywhere. You can even enjoy your 100 watt rig in silence with an immersive headphone experience.

Effortlessly control the miking chain
Wish to explore a legendary backline of speaker cabinets and microphones? Pair Torpedo Captor X with your phone, tablet or computer using Torpedo Remote.
No other compact reactive load box offers such universal control of the miking chain and with dual miking per cabinet, you may never use a real mic again.

Two XLR outputs - three possibilities
Enjoy the stereo experience when playing at home but in a live or studio situation you may wish to route the outputs differently. Enable Dual Mono routing and send different signals to your FOH and monitors.
Wish to change the tone after recording your killer riff? Enable Dry / Wet routing to send both your cab sim and dry amp signal independently to your audio interface.

Enhance your tone
Torpedo Captor X brings studio-grade processing to the Torpedo Captor family including a Twin Tracker, Stereo Reverb, Enhancer and Voicing.

Twin Tracker
Twin Tracker is an automatic double tracker. Your mono amp sound is routed to the left output and Twin Tracker creates another track (a virtual guitarist) on the right channel in real-time. The slight differences in timing and attack contribute to a beefed-up tone and massive sound.

Stereo Reverb
Two notes Audio Engineering developed an entirely new Stereo Reverb algorithm for Torpedo Captor X. Use the Space control to adjust the width of your stereo field; create subtle studio room acoustics and immense rooms for ambient soundscapes.

Sometimes you need a touch of magic to get the sound you are chasing - the Enhancer is a combination of dynamic and tone shaping tools, tailored for your guitar, and bass. Thickness and Brilliance emphasize the low end and high end of the tone, respectively. Body will render your tone fuller and more present.

Voicing is a fast tone control enabling you to change the overall sound of all your presets at once. You may need to make a quick fix to adapt your sound to the venue you're playing or the session you're recording. Dial left to emphasize the mid frequencies and cut better through the mix and dial right to get a more scooped and modern tone.

• Compact Reactive Load Box (8 Ohm, 100-watt RMS).
• Torpedo IR-based technology creating Dual-miked Virtual Cabinets.
• Loaded with 32 Virtual Cabinets, 128 preset locations.
• 300+ Virtual Cabinets via the Torpedo Remote online library.
• Choose from 8 microphones per cabinet and 8 room simulations.
• XLR DI Outputs (3 routing options: Stereo, Dual Mono, Dry / Wet).
• Silent playing with Immersive Headphone Experience.
• Dual Mono: Send dedicated signals to FOH and monitors with different EQ & Reverb.
• Dry / Wet: Send Cab Sim to audio interface from one output and dry on the other.
• Two notes Wall of Sound plugin included for processing of dry recordings.
• Explore / purchase official cabinets from MESA/Boogie™, Celestion™, Orange™, Suhr™, REVV™ and more at
• Torpedo Remote for effortless control of all parameters e.g. position of mics.
• USB and MIDI Torpedo Remote (Windows and macOS) connectivity.
• Wireless (Phone / Tablet) Torpedo Remote connectivity (Android and iOS).

• Micro USB B port. Micro USB-B to USB-A cable supplied.
• 24 bits / 96 kHz converters
Tube Amp Attenuator: Home (-38dB), Club (-20dB), Stadium (0db)
Dual IR Loader: 512 memory slots for custom IR files.
SPEAKER IN: 1/4" jack unbalanced (TS)
SPEAKER OUT: 1/4" jack unbalanced (TS)
PHONES output: 1/4" jack balanced (TRS)
LEFT/RIGHT outputs: XLR Balanced (Maximum output level: 15 dBu. Impedance: 600 Ohms)
MIDI input: 1/8" jack balanced TRS. Jack to MIDI cable adapter supplied.
Mains power adapter: 100-240v AC / Output: 12V DC, 1A supplied.
Bandwidth (-1dB): 30Hz - 19 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio: > 95 dB
Internal processing at 32 bits
Dimensions: 175 x 128 x 64 mm / 6.9" x 5.1" x 2.5"
Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.9 lb


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Q & A

Question: Hello, is the Captor X compatible with all tube and combo amps? I own a Hot Rod Deluxe IV, just want to make sure it will work. Thank you
- asked on Dec 4, 2023
Answer: The Captor X is compatible with the Hot Rod Deluxe IV. It will work.
- answered by David Callender, Brantford, Ontario
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Best piece of gear I've bought 12 of 12 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Victoria, British Columbia
I live in an apartment block where I'm unable to make noise, as a valve amp lover it's been frustrating since I moved in - I bought a few software packs, but nothing really felt liek a valve amp despite some software such as Amplitube and Bias FX doing a pretty darn good job of emulating the sound at times. As a professional musician, I also have tinnitus issues because of how loud some stages have been over the years, and because of this I've been looking into solutions for quite some time. At first I wanted a Helix or a Kemper, but when I heard about the Ox I was captivated by the idea of retaining my analogue rig and simply using speaker sims. The issue of course is that as a professional, things need to be able to pay for themselves in order to be a worthwhile investment workwise, and the Ox seemed awfully expensive considering it would have cost as much as my actual amp. Enter the Captor X - I spent months researching this unit before biting the bullet two weeks ago, and I must say I'm incredibly impressed. The cab sims are very realistic, the multi band EQ is a life saver in a live scenario - and the reverbs are fantastic... Possibly my favourite feature so far is the reactive gate, which uses artificial intelligence to get ahead of your 60 cycle hum. This alone makes it an incredibly convenient recording solution, and a swiss army knife live-solution. I'm currently running this with both my 65' Fender Princeton and my H&K Tubemeister 5 - and for live work, I'm simply bringing this and the Tubemeister 5. To be able to bring a micro head and a cam sim to a gig and not lug a full sized amp is not only a timesaver, it's hugely beneficial for my hearing - and I never need to worry about being loud enough in venues with adequate PA's. I'd highly recommend this to professional musicians who are keen to ditch a traditional amp setup, but don't want to blow thousands on a Kemper - I firmly believe this offers just as much versatility at less than a quarter of the price if you've got a good, portable valve head laying around.
Posted by Brett Smith-Daniels on Nov 10, 2020
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Awesome! 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   North York (Steeles), Ontario
This thing rips! It is exactly what my sound was missing. I really like the dual mono and twin tracker when playing on my own and the app is really easy to use too. Great product... highly recommended!
Posted by Andrew on Sep 9, 2020
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Great solution for recording guitars 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   London South, Ontario
I have been playing with the Captor X for over a month now and I'm very happy with it. The possibilities are endless and the sounds are amazing. With headphones for silence practice this thing is very inspiring. connected to an audio interface for silent recording, the Captor X is awesome. Lots of options going straight and working the sound in pos with the Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin, or coming out of the the box with your sound already processed, you are in total control. The editing software is a big plus either through a mobile or connected to a computer. The only thing I don't like much is the attenuator, perhaps it is because my amp is a 30 watts, but the lower setting is very quiet even for a bedroom setup, the middle one is what I will call a bedroom volume. The only time I went to play with other musicians (including a drummer) it was too quiet and I had to go with no attenuation. However having this option even though not perfect for me doesn't take anything away from this product. I will totally recommended.
Posted by Christian on Jun 27, 2020
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Not perfect... but close enough! 2 of 2 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Calgary Chinook, Alberta
So far the Captor X has greatly exceeded my expectations. It is half the price of the OX or the Waza TAE and gives a lot of bang for that buck. The sounds of the included cabs are excellent, but if you want to add in other IR's or even make your own, you can. Lots of future growth if you want it. The interface is really easy to use. It allows you to configure and change your cab tones with ease. It also gives you a pretty good reverb (not as good as OX, but hey... HALF the price). It also has a doubler called "Twin Tracker". That is worth half the value right there! It has a attenuator with three different levels for cutting the volume on loud amps. That may not be enough if you really want to have an exact volume... but the same can be said about the OX. It only operates at 8 Ohms, so that means you have to be careful about the cabinets you plug in, they also have to be 8 Ohms. This can be a little limiting. The flexibility of the outputs is a real advantage. You can have it in mono, dual mono (two different cabs), stereo (Twin Tracker and reverbs), or Wet/Dry to apply your IR's later on to suit you mix. I've only had it for a day and I've already deemed it essential to my workflow!
Posted by Kelly on May 26, 2020
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