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This product is no longer available.
Pianoteq 4 Standard
The standard version of Pianoteq 4 is the choice of the creative musician and recording engineer. It lets you adapt the physical model to create your own presets, based on several unique parameters such as unison width, microtuning, hammer hardness, soundboard and string length.

Extraordinary sound shaping
The possibility to shape the sound through physical parameters is a unique feature that cannot be found in any other piano software. With just a few mouse clicks, you can achieve things that would require hours, or even weeks, by piano technicians to adapt on real acoustic pianos. Some things can hardly be done in the real world, such as changing the string length from a mini grand of 1m/3.3ft to an imaginary giant grand of 10m/33ft. You can even modify the mechanical properties of the soundboard. New exciting possibilities open up as you explore the parameters and discover sounds that you have never heard or thought of before.

Microphones setting
Similar to what professional audio engineers do when recording, you can place up to 5 microphones anywhere around the instrument in a separate illustrative interface. By adjusting microphones, you are able to quickly adjust the colour and presence of the sound. A mixer is available for combining the microphones into 5 output channels, with the possibility to adjust separately level and delay. In binaural mode, for headphone usage, a head model is used for simulating the sound heard by a person located where the head is placed in the interface. The head can be rotated in any direction and even its size can be changed.

Presets from the FXP Corner
Users of the standard version can make fully use of many exciting presets created by other users (available in the FXP corner). All presets will be loaded and sound exactly as intended since the standard version takes into account all the physical parameter adjustments and microphones settings concerned. You can also share your own customized presets for other users to enjoy.
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