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Fishman Tripleplay Wireless Guitar Controller

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Unlock your guitars potential!
TriplePlay is the composing, performing and recording system that puts an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds at your fingertips all with the freedom of wireless control. Compose music with unparalleled tonal options. Easily share arrangements with your band. Switch between instruments, or play up to four instruments at the same time. Teach or learn faster with accurate notation. Create video soundtracks. Mix your own samples, beats, loops and tracks.

Easy to use
The controllers durable, low profile design fits neatly behind your guitars bridge, and its wireless, so no heavy 13-pin cables to trip over. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery has over 20 hours of life plenty of juice for a full day of composing and a night of gigging. Accessible onboard menu navigation buttons, volume control, and the guitar/mix/synth switch make it easy to change settings or instruments during performances.

Easy setup, easy removal
TriplePlay can be installed or removed quickly, on virtually any electric guitar, with no permanent installation necessary. Mounting hardward included.

Complete Software Suite Included
TriplePlay comes complete with all the software youll need for recording, editing and playing back your music. Take full advantage of powerful MIDI features with your guitar. With the easy and blazingly fast note encoding, preset editor and mixing console, youll be mixing your own music in no time. Includes full versions of:

- Native Instruments
- KOMPLETE Elements and GuitarRig LE
- Notion Music
- IK Multimedia
- SampleTank 2 XT and AmpliTube Custom Shop
- PreSonus
- Studio One Artist TriplePlay Edition

- Two input channels with 3-band EQ
- Includes Wireless Controller, Hexaphonic Pickup, and Wireless USB Receiver, mounting brackets and hardware, fast charge power pack, and USB charging cable
- Wireless technology eliminates proprietary bulky cables
- Works with industry standard DAWs and Virtual Instruments
- Unique hold feature and string or fret splits with multiple instruments
- Simple to install on your electric guitar and can be easily removed
- Low profile design (less than .5) can be left on your guitar and still fit in its case
- Over 100 foot range
- Operates with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included)
- Menu navigation controls
- Guitar, Mix, Synth switch easily accessible while performing
- Guitar synthesizer volume control
- USB powered wireless receiver interfaces to computer or iOS device
- Includes comprehensive software suite to get you started

Material: Durable composite and metal finish
RF Range: 100 feet*
Controller Dimensions: 3.25 H (82.5mm) x 2.93 W (74.4mm) x 0.51 D (12.9mm)
Power: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Battery Life: Over 20 hours
Pickup Dimensions: 4.11 L (104.4mm) x 0.34 W (8.6mm)
Pickup Height Adjustable Range: .35 min. (8.9mm) to .58 (14.7mm) max. from tallest point between G & D strings

The Only Good Midi pickup for Electric Guitars6 of 7 customers found this review helpful

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Yes you can connect it to your iPhone/ipad, Mac/PC and yes you can play all the instruments available on garageband, logic pro x, Sample Tank 3 and so on. Thus armed with only an electric guitar and an iPhone, you can plug the wireless receiver into your lightning port with the USB camera plug and headphones on your iPhone, you can play your electric guitar on garageband using any of the instruments including guitar, drums and keyboards; you DO NOT need to install any additional software as your system will recognize this product as a midi controller. The problem with this product is the price. It is outlandishly expensive for a guitar pickup. A more reasonable price is perhaps around $200 like the GK-1 which unfortunately the GK-1 is a synthesizer pickup and not a general midi. The second problem is that this is the only multi-note midi guitar pickup in the market, thus you don't have a choice. Having said all that, this product, despite being double-sided taped to your guitar as well as re-stringing your guitar when mounted using the bracket on your tune-o-matic bridges, is a very solid product especially the wireless part. Be sure to pick up a set of strings when you buy this product because the pickup needs to be about one millimetre string clearance which may mean that you may need to use the bracket on your tune-o-matic bridge. It will take time to mount it properly as well as fine tuning it. A great product and if you need a midi converter, this is it. Highly recommended.
Posted by Richard on Jul 22, 2016
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