Auralex Xpander Isolation Set
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Auralex Xpander Isolation Set

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In the art of audio sound capture, the recording engineer must contend with and balance many sonic issues (external noise bleed, structure-borne resonance, off-axis colorations) in order to arrive at sounds that are truly sonically robust.

AuralXpanders give the recording engineer a high degree of control by providing the capability to filter the undesirable external overtones that tend to push the engineer to over-process on the back-end during the mixing stage.

AuralXpanders offer the recording engineer a means of tonal control and passive filtering before the sound ever hits the signal path and before ever reaching for a knob or booting-up a plug-in.

(1) 14" Xpander baffle
(2) 8" TriXpander (triangular) baffles
(4) 6" TrapXpander (trapezoidal) baffles
(6) PlatFeet structural resonance interrupters (enough to float 2 tripod/round-based mic stands or 2 cymbal stands or 2 floor toms)
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