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Organteq is a physically modelled pipe organ which offers over a thousand pipes, inspired from Cavaille-Coll's organs, assigned to three manual keyboards with a five-octave range, and a pedal keyboard with thirty-two notes. Each keyboard can be assigned to a selection of stops with adjustable parameters.

By being physically modelled, Organteq offers several advantages over sample based variants:

• It installs and loads quickly on any modern laptop
• It hardly takes up any space at all as the file size is just 20 MB (megabytes)
• It feels like playing a real organ, with superior playability
• It is vivid, bringing more realistic variability in attack and sustain

Friendly UI & pre-filled combinations
Combining the stops in various way offers a wide sound variety, however this task may seem unreachable for non-organists. Organteq makes things easy for you and offers seven presets with pre-filled combinations (i.e. pre-filled registrations) which let you explore new amazing sound colours.

Physically modelled tremulant
The tremulant is a mechanical device that modulates the upstream air flow that feeds the pipes. When the tremulant is activated, the pitch, the intensity and the harmonic content are modulated. Once you have chosen the rate, the amplitude and the shape of the tremulant, the physical model modulates the sound by itself. Note that this is not a post-effect as on many virtual organs.

Settable output
Organteq comes with a few output settings. The Stereo Width allows enhancement of the global stereo image. The C/C# Separation emphasises the pipes positioning according to the whole tone scale (C whole tone scale on one side, C# whole tone scale on the other side). The reverb module offers parameters to vary the ambience, from a pure anechoic dry sound to a giant space wet sound. While Organteq sounds great on any stereo system, a 8-channels output is also available: each division has its own stereo pairs that you can re-use as you wish.

Convenient MIDI features
With its MIDI learn feature and convenient MIDI mapping, Organteq provides quick and easy connection with your MIDI compatible keyboard and other devices.

Standalone or Plug-in
Organteq is available for macOS (10.7 or later), Windows (7 or later) and Linux (x86), both as a standalone instrument and as a 64-bit plug-in for VST, AAX and AudioUnits hosts.
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