Ahead 14'' S-Hoop Drum Hoop, 8-Lug - Black Powder-Coated

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The S-Hoop is similar to a triple flange hoop except with an improved design. This means an overlying edge that turns in and bevels down towards the drum head covering the bearing edge and leaving plenty of room for different tuning tensions. The added steel density makes the hoop more rigid like a die-cast hoop therefore giving it the consistent tuning characteristics of a die-cast hoop. The design allows for a smoother playing experience, ideal for surface rim-shots and side stick. The S-Hoop design allows the toms to perform to the best of their capabilities, allowing them to sing as sweet as a bird and gives a snare the chunkiest, fattest sound in comparison to existing hoop designs.

• Patented drum hoop design
• Fresh approach to drum hoops
• Rigid tuning of a die cast hoop
• Open sound of a triple flange hoop
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