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McDSP's v7 is the latest generation of McDSP's professional audio plug-ins. McDSP's v7 release brings tons of new and exciting features to the entire line of software products, along with amazing high-definition user interfaces. For over two decades our award-winning double precision, zero latency algorithms have stood out from the crowd, and v7 continues this legacy, adding 1500+ additional presets and two activations per license or subscription.

All McDSP v7 plug-ins are also optimized for Apple silicon and the latest Intel processors.

The 6060 includes over 30 unique modules for EQ, compression, saturation, distortion, specialized filtering, dynamic range expansion, gating, and more. Custom modules include bass optimized biasing for the larger than life low end, transformer-based tone shaping circuits for high end shine, tape simulation, de-essing and new EQ and compression designs.

• Largest Collection of processing options of any module-based plug-in
• Easy Drag & Drop on the fly module
• Split mode operation for two separate parallel signal paths.
• Analog Saturation Modeling
• Double precision processing
• Ultra low latency

Formats (Native v7): AAX Native, AU, VST3

*Requires an iLok account.

660 Modules

FRG446 - 'The Frog' uses a moderately aggressive compression design to quickly respond to audio input.
BC-23 - British C-23 module offers control for threshold, ratio, attack, and recovery. Internal circuit smarts help prevent unwanted distortion, even at extreme compression settings (low threshold, fast attack and release).
BOB - The Bass Optimized Bias module is designed for making low rumble really rumble. Over 24 dB of low end boost is available at the selected frequency. Also offers Squash control and two bias modes for additional tone flexibility.
British-E - uses McDSP's own FilterBank technology to create an amalgamation of great Neve equalizers. The classic hpf, low shelf, parametric, high shelf combination makes the British E module useful for most mixing situations.
E670 - The Fairchild 664, a two band EQ, served as the basis for the E670 design. Gentle low and high shelving EQ, complimented by a mid band parametric, give the E670 a smooth sound, but the three bands (each with its own gain and frequency control) provide flexibility expected in the modern studio. Suitable for subtle adjustments in any mixing situation.
Moo Q - The Moo Q delivers all-tube warm tone with tons of headroom.
iQ - This two-band equalizer is surprisingly adept at fine tuning mixes in any music genre. Tracks needing some low end 'glow' or high end 'sheen can benefit from use of the iQ module.
E300 and E301 - Equalizer modules that compliment the Opto-C/L compressor modules. These three-band modules have the same frequency and gain ranges, but the E301 is a tad narrower in bandwidth, especially at higher gain settings.
EZ Q - Using a high pass filter to carve out the rumble, plus capable low and high shelfs, and a fairly flexible parametric, the EZ Q gets the job done.
EQ'76 - The EQ'76 has four bands of paramtric equalization with a slight Q-gain dependency. The EQ'76 design is close to that of the E300/301 modules, but using a different set of frequency ranges and a more modern gain-dependent bandwidth design.
E357 - A 3-band EQ meant to work in tandem with the D357 compressor. The slopes are steeper than most other EQ modules, and have a bit of character (like the D357). Use with caution.
MEF 1 - The Mid Emphasis Filter (MEF) does more than just cut out some of the low and high frequency content of a track. The Emphasis control brings out what is left between the two filter bands, helping tracks stand out without competing with each other.
E404 - A re-issue of the classic FilterBank E4 module from 1999, the E404 offers up the same high pass filter, low shelf, parametric, and high shelf EQ that made FilterBank an award-winning plug-in.
C671 - A variation of a Fairchild 670, with slightly faster signal tracking to accommodate modern production styles, and yet still imparts a 'warmth' into the audio output.
MT2 - The Moo Tube module emulates an all tube design with a few unique twists. Mid range sensitivity has been modified by McDSP, attack and recovery times are gentle yet usable for many applications, and the output frequency response is variable based on the amount of compression.
iC2 - The iComp module is an all original McDSP design. Attack and release times are not available on this module, and are instead automatically updated based on user selected threshold and ratio control values.
Opto-C3 and Opto-L3 - These two modules use an electro-optical attenuation circuit model for compression (Opto-C) or limiter (Opto-L) applications. The use of an electro-optical circuit causes the dynamic compression to 'back off' after a certain amount of dB reduction is achieved. Both modules feature a feedback compression (or limiter) mode in which the compressor (or limiter) output is the key signal. As more gain is applied, the compression amounts also increase, creating a convenient way to audition more compression at roughly similar audio levels.
FRG EEE - The 'froggy', with two parametrics bounded by a high and low shelf pair, is a capable equalizer, not unlike what is seen in modern channel strips in analog mixing consoles.
Over EZ3 - Incorporates a smooth knee response with a flexible control configuration including user selectable threshold, ratio, attack, and release. New additions in this module include the feedback compression mode, and the rare and 'careful how you use it' negative compression mode.
The SST'78 module is a solid-state circuit model with a McDSP designed key circuit. The SST'78 features feedforward and feedback compression modes, as well as a negative compression mode.
PDQ - A specialized EQ circuit that offers a boost (Peak) and cut (Dip) at a selected frequency.
D359 - The most aggressive compressor in the 6060 Ultimate Module Collection plug-in.
EZG - Inspired by noise gate units such as the dbx 904, 363x, and 463x, the EZ G is a great complement to the dynamics Over EZ compressor. A set of adjustable side chain high pass and low pass filters make the EZ G a versatile noise gate.
The iX downward expander provides as much signal rejection as the EZ G, but as an expander also offers a ratio control to adjust the transition, or slope, between the unaffected and expanded signals.
FRGX - Upwards and downwards expansion is what the FRG X is all about. Up to 24 dB of signal cut or boost is available, along with a ratio control. Adjustable side chain filtering is included.
S671 - Tracks needing a bit of grit will benefit from a touch up from the S671 saturation module.
Moo-D - If the analog saturation from the S671 is not the right tone tweak, then the creamy tube overdrive of the Moo-D module may be a better choice. Often a better choice for mixes than for individual tracks.
D-100 Distortion module - When tracks need to get 'nasty' the D-100 is a go-to choice.
The SOS module is a finely tuned de-esser. The SOS module also offers a Low Cut mode to reduce plosives and other low-end noise common in vocal and dialog tracks.
The TAPE module builds on the famous McDSP Analog Channel AC202 module, but with a new design for emulating tape compression and playback response.
SHINE - The SHINE module uses an AI based approach to approximate some McDSP engineered frequency curves. McDSP engineering applied some tone bending savvy and came up with 2 modes and 2 lift curves per mode for some interesting high-shelf-like polish for incoming audio signals ... aka 'Shine'!!
GC-1 Gate and Compressor module - The Comp section takes the output of the Gate and applies some dynamic range control. The GC-1 is great for a snare or kick that has too much room tone but also needs to be squashed and then turned up.
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Using Split Mode on the 6060 Ultimate Module Collection