Editio Musica Budapest Guide to Early Keyboard Music: France, Volume 2 - Aniko/Szilvia - Piano - Book

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Composers: Various
Editors: Horvath Aniko, Elek Szilvia
Format: Softcover
Instrumentation: Piano

This brand-new series is intended as a guide to the keyboard music of the 16th to 19th centuries for pupils of the piano and the harpsichord, as well as of other early keyboard instruments. Each volume contains pieces by well-known and lesser-known composers from one country or region. The main purpose of the series is to extend the repertoire and stylistic knowledge of both pianists and harpsichordists while also presenting fine pieces and typical genres based on original sources. This edition retains the performance indications of the composers' manuscripts and contemporary editions.

  • Dandrieu, Jean-Franois: 2e Suite (excerpts / Ausschnitte / extraits / reszletek)
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: Le Lardon (Menuet)
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: La Boiteuse
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: La Joyeuse (Rondeau)
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: La Villageoise (Rondeau)
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: L'Indifferente
  • Rameau, Jean-Philippe: Les Sauvages
  • Dagincourt, Francois: 1e Ordre (excerpts / Ausschnitte / extraits / reszletek)
  • Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de: 1e Suite (excerpts / Ausschnitte / extraits / rszletek)
  • Daquin, Louis-Claude: 3e Suite - Le Coucou (Rondeau) - La Joyeuse (Rondeau) - L'Amusante (Rondeau) - La Tendre Silvie (Rondeau)
  • Royer, Joseph-Nikolas-Pancrace: La Bagatelle - Suite de la Bagatelle
  • Royer, Joseph-Nikolas-Pancrace: Les Matelots - Suite des Matelots: 1er et 2e Tambourins
  • Corrette, Michel: 4e Suite - Les Fanatiques - Sarabande - Le Prise de Jericho
  • Duphly, Jacques: La De Drummond
  • Duphly, Jacques: La De Villeneuve
  • Duphly, Jacques: La De Belombre
  • Balbastre, Claude-Benigne: Noel en do majeur
  • Balbastre, Claude-Benigne: Noel en la majeur
  • Balbastre, Claude-Benigne: La Bellaud
  • Balbastre, Claude-Benigne: La Courteille
  • Couperin, Armand-Louis: 1er et 2e Menuets
  • Couperin, Armand-Louis: L'Intrepide (Rondeau)
  • Couperin, Armand-Louis: La Gregoire
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