Silverstein Works Tenor Sax Ligature - Classic Silver - Medium - Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
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Silverstein Works Tenor Sax Ligature - Classic Silver - Medium

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The ligature for perfectionists

The unique features of Silverstein Ligatures were designed with the perfectionist musician in mind and are true innovations. The self-adjusting design conforms to your mouthpiece, actually getting better and growing with you over time. The bar has been raised; rethink what you knew to be truth about your sound and find out what the very best have begun to notice. Cutting edge technology with a delicate touch that truly amplifies your style, the Silverstein Ligature is the ultimate realization of what a ligature can and should do.

Moisture Control
The first ever ligature with the ability to retain water, the Silverstein Ligature can actually be wet or soaked before mounting to provide moisture to your reed, helping to keep it wet longer during any performance. This can help reduce reed warpage during a performance by more than 50%, and help your reeds last longer.

Fine Tuners
The only ligature with a Fine Tuning System on the ligature itself. Moving the Fine Tuner bars up and down will change how the ligature responds to the vibrations of the reed, subtly fine-tuning the focus and colour of your sound and giving you unprecedented control and flexibility. No other ligature allows such an easy one-touch adjustment for the perfectionist in you.

Harmonic Partials
The difference can be seen in comparison tests that clearly show the more defined harmonic partials of the Silverstein Ligature, indicating a richer, fuller sound. No other ligatures can make that claim.

The unique cord allows the Silverstein Ligature to minimize the surface contact necessary to hold a reed while still remaining acoustically neutral. By minimizing surface contact the Silverstein Ligature allows the reed to vibrate more freely, enhancing its natural qualities and giving you the purest sound possible.

Each Ligature is hand made in the USA using the finest materials. The custom cord is created with the same technology and manufacturing process as the cords used on the "Sky Crane" that lowered the Mars Rover onto the surface of another planet.
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