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Radial Powerhouse 10-Space 500 Series Rack

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R700 0104

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The Powerhouse is a 10 module 500 series power-rack designed to accommodate both older and newer 500 series modules and provide the studio with maximum density in a standard 19" rack frame.

The design begins with heavy 14 gauge steel construction and baked enamel finish for maximum shielding against noise and greater durability when subjected to road use. An 'easy glide' slider tray makes it painless to align the PCB connector to the 15 pin card edge receptacle when swapping modules. Once connected, the rear panel sports a standard array of XLRs to connect to and from the workstation or mixer. This is augmented with a series of " TRS connectors that enable cross-patching and open the door to the excitement of parallel signal processing. Instead of having to hard patch modules together using a cable, the Powerhouse incorporates an innovative feed switch that instantly connects the signal to the adjacent module. This makes building signal chains quick and eliminates the need for extra cables. And unlike older racks that require soldering when modules are used in stereo, the Powerhouse is equipped with a stereo link function that takes care of the task with a simple slide of a switch.

Unlike older racks that are limited to an average of 130 milliamps per slot, the Powerhouse boasts a 1600 milliamp power supply that lets you share the power as needed. This means it can deliver 300 milliamps to your two tube preamps and still have over 1000 milliamps left in the pool! And just like all Workhorse racks, the Powerhouse is equipped with extra safety features to ensure safe use when mixing and matching various brands.

The Powerhouse delivers more flexibility than all others.

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I choose this over the API rack because of all the options... felt like I was getting a lot more because I wasn't paying for the name... and I did get a lot more! Overall very happy. Performs great .. linking 2 527 api compressors was a piece of cake as opposed to soldering etc like in most racks. My last power rack couldn't give enough power to all the slots (only API gear.. no Tube gear even) .. this unit handled it without a hiccup at all. Couple complaints about the unit that made me give it a 9 instead of 10 for overall. 1) The Easy guide thing to help put your 500 units in faster and guide them in there easy... I don' t get it at all. It took me quite some time to install the nylon pegs... then my API gear did not fit!.. I read the instructions a couple times to make sure I did it right ..and I did.... so I took out that optional "feature" and then installed the 500 units with no problem. 2) No Power button on the front. Come on guys!! with all the options you did to the normally boring API chassis you couldn't put a simple power switch on front?! The unit looks great, and functions great.. very solid.. links 2 units super easy.. except for above mentioned snags I am very happy... I would buy it again. Hopefully the next generation one will have a power button on the front though. Highly recommend
Posted by Daryl on Jan 26, 2015
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