Ahead TS65 TightScrew Tension Rods 2.5'' (65mm) - 4-Pack Chrome

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TS 65

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TightScrew non-loosening drum tension rods will eliminate drum de-tuning during your performance. Patented polymer inserts maintain the desired tension at each tuning point on the drum, keeping your sound intact under all playing conditions and volume levels.

TightScrews fit modern drums produced by most foreign and domestic drum companies with few exceptions. TightScrews also fit vintage drums and offer a great replacement option for those rusted and worn out tension rods.

• 4-Pack of chrome TightScrews, 2.5" or 65mm
• Hold your drum's selected pitch, eliminating the need for constant adjustment
• Completely adjustable - provides smooth and concise tuning
• Drum retains its factory-look
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