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Authors: Bobby Owsinski, Dennis Moody
Format: Softcover with Media Online
Subject: Pro Audio

Drums are the foundation of just about any kind of music, and a great drum sound is essential to a great recording, but that sound can be elusive. The Drum Recording Handbook, Second Edition, uncovers the secrets of making amazing drum recordings, even using the most inexpensive gear. It's all in the technique, and this book will show you how to do it. You'll discover:
  • The secret to making your drums sound great, even before you turn the mics on
  • Typical mics and miking techniques used by the pros to get great sounds (and how to get those same results without the high-end gear)
  • Can't-miss mic placement for all drums, cymbals, and room mics
  • Simple alternative miking techniques that work every time
  • How to get the best headphone mix for your drummer
  • The secret to a great-sounding drum mix
Along the way, you'll get exclusive drum-tuning tips and techniques from the famous Drum Doctor and great session advice from interviews with hit-maker drummers, including Bernie Dresel, Johnny Hernandez, Ricky Lawson, Brian MacLeod, and Dave Weckl.

This updated edition features a completely new layout, for easier reference during a session. It also has new chapters on different types of percussion and even more interviews with some of the world's greatest drummers.

Recorded examples are accessed online using the unique code included with each book.
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