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Harpsicle Fullsicle - 26 String - Full Levers - Maple

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This product is no longer available.
The Fullsicle Harp is the most popular of the Harpsicle Harps. It has bridge pins and Rees Levers on all strings, allowing access to all keys, however like all fully levered harps, the Fullsicle harp will require an initial retuning to make those keys accessible.

Tuning your Fullsicle harp to play with flats: Keys of F, B flat, E flat tuning to the key of F major. (using B flats)
1. Raise all your B levers.
2. Tune your harp as usual tuning the B's to a natural as usual.
3. Leave the B levers up for all keys except when you need B flats. Then for F major (B flats) lower the B levers and it will lower your B's 1/2 step to the flat.
4. If you want to play a song with 2 flats key of B flat major (B flat and E flat), use this same procedure and include all E's. Then the B flats and E flats will remain up, as naturals, unless you need them as flats.
5. If you want to tune for the key of E flat major (B flat, E flat and A flat), use the same procedure and add the A's.
Many harpists leave their harps tuned to E flat (with the B's, E's and A's up). Then they are able to play in up to 4 sharps and up to 3 flats without retuning their harp.

Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
Number of strings: 26
Dimensions: 36 x 21 x 5 in (92 x 53 x 13 cm)
String type: Monofilament Tempered Nylon

Acoustic/Electric option available: You can now have an internal electric pickup installed so that your Fullsicle Harp can be played directly through an amplifier!
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