U-Bass 4 String Silver Plated Round Wound U Bass String Set

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The Kala Metal Round Wound strings continue to be a favorite among U-Bassists that like the familiar feel of metal strings. Available in a 4 string set, this unique set is constructed of a nylon core with silver-plated windings. These round wound strings provide a warm booming tone that the U-BASS® is known for. The strings are specifically constructed for the Kala U-BASS® to provide the player with extreme playability and accurate intonation. They feature lower tension compared to traditionally built bass strings which give them a great feel and makes them easy on the fingers.

• Fits all Round Wound set-up Kala U-BASS® Instruments*
• Warm booming tone, a louder option than the original polyurethane strings
• Accurate intonation
• Nylon core with silver plated windings
• Easy on the fingers
• Suitable for 20" - 21" scale
• For EADG tuning

*Please note for use on polyurethane string U-BASS® setups, the instrument will need a new, compatible nut to accommodate these strings.
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