Power-All ECO-Dapter System Deluxe Kit

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ECO-Dapter System Deluxe Kit

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ECO-Dapter System Deluxe Kit
ECO-Dapter System Deluxe Kit
ECO-Dapter System Deluxe Kit
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World's First CarbonFree® Power Supply for effect pedals!

The ECO-Dapter®'s carbon footprint is neutralized through the purchase of carbon offsets. In addition to environmentally friendly operation, the ECO-Dapter® provides ultra-quiet, reliable, high-current power to your effects so they can operate at their peak performance levels.

Connect the ECO-Dapter® directly to your favourite pedal, or purchase optional Power-All® daisy chain & jumper cables to power your entire pedalboard from a single ECO-Dapter® power supply!

Eco-Dapter Features
9 VDC, 2000 mA regulated power supply
• Meets DOE Level VI energy efficiency standard
• Carries CarbonFund.org Carbonfree® certification
• Ultra-low noise floor for silent operation
• Environmentally-friendly, Recycled/Recyclable packaging
• LIFETIME WARRANTY never buy another power supply!
• Powers all your 9 VDC pedals from a single supply
• Space-saving profile takes up only one outlet space
• Special low-noise circuitry reduces ripple current and hum
• Ferrite-core filter module on power output cable reduces noise and hum
• Powers 9 VDC effects from any electrical outlet in the world (100-240VAC)
10-foot, 24-gauge power cable eliminates need for an extension cord

The DELUXE KIT contains:
(1) ECO-Dapter® 9VDC, 2000mA regulated power supply
(1) Cable-11/R eleven-connector right-angle Daisy Chain with Lo-Pro™ spring-loaded jacks for extra secure connections - no more losing power mid-solo!
(1) Cable-Black right-angle Extension Cable provides an additional 10.5" of length for longer power runs, over-sized pedals or hard-to-reach power jacks.
(1) Cable-Blue/R right-angle 3.5 mm Phone Plug Jumper Cable for use with EH and other vintage pedals.
(1) Cable-Green Line-6 Jumper Cable with spring loaded jack for use with Line 6 Modelers and other pedals requiring a 2.5 mm internal diameter jack.
(1) Cable-Green/R right-angle Line-6 Jumper Cable - same as above with right-angle male barrel plug.
(1) Cable-Grey Battery Clip Jumper Cable for pedals with no AC input.
(1) Cable-Red/Right-angle Reverse Polarity Jumper Cable with spring-loaded jack for powering tip positive pedals.
(1) Cable-Red/R right-angle Reverse Polarity jumper cable with spring-loaded jack for powering tip positive pedals.
(5) Cable Cap insulator sheaths to cover power leads when not in use.

All Power-All Cables utilize their own Lo-Pro™ Plug design which offers the smallest plug dimensions possible in order to save space on your pedalboard and to make connection to your pedals quick, easy and efficient.

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