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Composer: Nicolas Vallet (c. 1583 - c. 1642)
Transcribed: Paul Mascott
Format: Book
Instrumentation: Classical Guitar

This book of 53 intermediate-level guitar pieces is derived from Le Secret des Muses, a two-volume collection of lute tablature by Nicolas Vallet (c. 1583 c. 1642). Born in France, by 1614 Vallet had relocated to Amsterdam where he established a dance school and was active as a composer, lute teacher and leader of a consort that played at weddings and festivals.

Le Secret des Muses is among the last published collections of French lute tablature intended for the 10-course Renaissance lute, which was ultimately supplanted by the larger 13-course Baroque model. Most of these pieces consist of traditional European dance forms, but also contains a few settings of popular lute themes and longer works suitable for concert performance are included.

Written in standard notation only with occasional drop-D tuning, these pieces make excellent sight-reading and warmup material as well as historically significant concert selections.

  • L'Espagnolle
  • Bouree
  • La Sarabande Espagnole
  • Volte du Roi
  • Volte
  • Volte
  • La Daulphine
  • Bouree
  • Lamoresque
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • La Chacone
  • Pavanne de Spagne
  • Malsimmes
  • L'auignonne
  • La Durette
  • La Signolle
  • Bouree de Village
  • Bouree
  • Bouree d'Avignon
  • Fortune Angloise
  • Slaep Soete Slaep
  • La Piccarde
  • La Favorite
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet des Queux
  • Gaillarde de la Passemeze
  • Courante
  • Courante
  • Courante
  • Courante
  • Courante de Mars
  • Courante de Mars
  • Suite
  • Pavanne de Espagne
  • Susannesco
  • L'escossoise
  • La Pincante
  • La Princesse
  • Courante sur la Gaillarde de Bocquet
  • Aton Bras Droit
  • Volte
  • Gaillarde
  • Passameze d'Italye
  • Gaillarde Angloise
  • Puisque Vosyculs
  • Babdaille
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