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This product is no longer available.
RX Post Production Suite 6 gives you the tools you need to fix noisy production audio, bring stories to life, and send final deliverables at the right specifications, including RX 9 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2 metering, Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D reverbs by Exponential Audio, and more.

RX 9 Advanced
Trusted by top post-production engineers to quickly and reliably deliver great audio.

Dialogue Match
An indispensable tool for post production, Dialogue Match is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in that analyzes recordings to extract a reverb, EQ, and ambience profile.

Nectar 3 Plus
Nectar 3 Plus offers a host of tools perfectly suited for dialogue mixing and vocal production. Use Vocal Assistants Dialogue setting on your spoken-word recording to generate a custom preset.

Tonal Balance Control 2
Achieving a balanced final mix that translates across many listening environments is critical to re-recording mix engineers.

Neutron 3 Advanced
Achieve a clear, well-balanced mix with Neutron 3s intelligent mixing tools. Control the visual soundstage and the tonal balance of your mix with iZotopes award-winning audio tech.

Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio
With more than 1,700 surround presets, up to 24-channel support, and intelligent multichannel reverb controls, you can craft the perfect depth and dimension in your sound environments with Stratus 3D.

Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio
Enjoy reverb for surround and immersive formats with Symphony 3D. Offering 24-channel surround support, Symphony 3D brings dynamics and richness to any post production or music project.

Insight 2
With its completely customizable interface, Insight 2 provides a comprehensive perspective on any aspect of your mix: loudness, intelligibility, spectral balance, and more.

RX Loudness Control
Deliver high-quality broadcast at global broadcast specifications, all from an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. RX Loudness Control works faster than real time to deliver mixes within the appropriate loudness standards.

Relay is an all-purpose audio utility that connects any kind of track in your session with other IPC-enabled iZotope plug-ins for assistive processes like Unmask, Mix Assistant, and more.

Melodyne 5
Melodyne 5 essential perfectly rounds out Nectar 3 Plus' vocal-production arsenal. Use the intuitive pitch editor in Melodyne 5 essential to get the vocal take just right.
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