Burnin' Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - 7M

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Burnin\' Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - 7M

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Burnin\' Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - 7M
Burnin\' Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - 7M
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This mouthpiece has come about through a collaboration between JodyJazz Mouthpieces and BetterSax, the World's leading online influencer and educator. Jay has a great sound concept as demonstrated by his countless videos on YouTube and as such we can put trust in his vision of the perfect alto sax mouthpiece.

Jay has always had an appreciation for the quality and excellence of JodyJazz mouthpieces and as such this project came about through mutual respect for one another's work. Jay remarks on the end result; "It's amazing how perfectly the final design matched my hopes and expectations and I am loving every single note that comes out of it". The BURNIN' is an incredibly versatile, soulful piece that balances traditional jazz tones with a more contemporary vibe.

• Premium hard rubber
• Made in USA
• Large chamber
• Steep rollover baffle
• CNC machined and hand finished

Roll Over Baffle
This baffle design gives the BURNIN' mouthpiece power, projection and a degree of brightness for a sound that stands out when you want it to.

Large Chamber
The deep chamber balances out the steep baffle giving the BURNIN' mouthpiece a lush warmth and sonic depth. This combination creates a complex and beautiful tone.

Straight Side Walls
Free blowing and focused sound with lots of core. Made in USA. Manufactured in Savannah, Georgia by Jody Jazz.

Hand Finished
Expert hand-finishing combined with state-of-the-art CNC machining results in the highest quality and most consistent mouthpieces available anywhere.

Premium Hard Rubber
Genuine proprietary Jody Jazz hard rubber for the look, feel, and sound of great vintage mouthpieces.

Medium Facing Curve
Reed friendly and easy to play. Each of the 3 available tip openings (5, 6, 7) were meticulously designed and all play like champs! Thin Tip and Side Rails. The precision and attention of detail to these elements are key to any great playing mouthpiece.

Matte Finish Exterior
Along with the finely sculpted and hand-painted logo, the BURNIN' mouthpiece comes in a beautiful matte finish.

The Burnin' mouthpiece is a standard hard rubber size, so most standard sized ligatures will fit.


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