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A7V Active Two-Way Speaker (Single)

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A7V Active Two-Way Speaker (Single)

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A7V Active Two-Way Speaker (Single)
A7V Active Two-Way Speaker (Single)
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The A Series A7V speaker represents the evolution of ADAM Audio's best-selling, award-winning A7X. The two-way A7V combines a new 7-inch woofer built from Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fibres and ADAM Audio's handmade precision X-ART tweeter to deliver a wide frequency range of 41 Hz to 42 kHz. Rotatable HPS waveguide technology and onboard DSP-based tuning options enable you to optimize the sound of the A7V for your precise room requirements and sonic preferences. For many artists, mixers, and producers, the A7V will be the sweet spot in the A Series line.

Technical Specifications
• Tweeter: Rotatable X- ART Tweeter + HPS Waveguide
• Woofer: 1x 7" MLM woofer
• Woofer Voice Coil ⌀: 33 mm / 1.3"
• Frequency response @ -6dB: 41 Hz - 42 kHz
• Max. peak SPL per speaker at 1 m: 105 dB SPL
• AD convertor: 24-bit
• Internal sample rate: 96 kHz
• Amplifier power RMS: 110 W (Woofer) + 20 W (Tweeter)
• Crossover frequency: 2.8 kHz
• Power rating: 300 W max
• Analog Inputs (balanced): 1x XLR
• Analog Inputs (unbalanced): 1x RCA
• Weight: 8.7 kg / 19 lb 3 oz
• Cabinet Height x Width x Depth: 337 mm x 200 mm x 280 mm (13 1/4" x 7 7/8" x 11")
• AC Input Voltage: 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz

What's In The Box:
- 1 x Loudspeaker
- 1 x Power cable
- 1 x Quick start guide

• Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART tweeter
• Multi-layer mineral woofer
• Hybrid amplification
• DSP-based electronics
• Room adaptation
• Two voicing selections
• A Control software for real-time remote control
• Room correction & Sonarworks integration

A Solution for Every Space
With five models of varying dimensions and specifications to choose from, finding the right speaker is simply a matter of taste and understanding the acoustic requirements of your space. For added flexibility when it comes to speaker positioning, the rotatable HPS waveguide means each speaker can be used in a horizontal or vertical position with minimal compromise in sound quality. Room adaptation options directly on the backplate of the monitor help address common speaker placement issues such as bass overrepresentation caused by nearby walls and surfaces. The A44H is a unique model of the range and an ideal solution for multichannel configurations above or below display screens.

Superior Audio Performance
Every aspect of the A Series' design, material, and components contributes toward exceptional sound quality and improved output when comparing similar models of the preceding AX Series.

The combination of Class D amplifiers used in A Series woofers, and the Class AB amplifiers found in the tweeters deliver impressive SPL across the range and an ultra-low frequency response. The use of digital signal processing enables the more advanced features found in the A Series.

All A Series speakers come equipped with an X-ART tweeter enclosed in a tailor made HPS waveguide. The high quality of the tweeter materials, folded by hand in Berlin, combined with the precise propagation control of the waveguide, results in superior dispersion of high frequencies over short and long listening distances.

A Series woofers are constructed from multiple layers of mineral stone fibres baked together to create a lightweight but highly stable material that helps eliminate partial vibrations and other sonic impurities. By combining that material with a new magnet system, A Series woofers produce high output with low distortion, delivering a clean sound for low-end material.

The elegant design of A Series cabinets also contributes toward superior audio performance. Specifically, the cabinets have deeper bevelling to minimize diffraction, and thicker baffle walls that reduce vibrations within the enclosure. In addition, a flared-port design reduces port noise compared with AX Series speakers by optimizing airflow.

Truthful Mixing
The A Series features 2 selectable voicing options found directly on the back panel of the monitors. "Pure" is a highly accurate and neutral sounding option. This is a super flat setting, offering an honest representation from your speakers and making it ideal for mixing, mastering and critical listening applications.

Characterful Sound
The A Series also offers the characterful and present sound you would expect from ADAM Audio. "UNR" or "Uniform Natural Response™" is a dynamic, natural-sounding voicing that is selectable on the back panel of the monitors. Its design stems from a variety of iconic ADAM Audio legacy products, including the preceding AX Series. It lends itself to production, composition and song writing as its engaging sound can give you more room for creativity and flow. It is also a great option whenever you want to use your speakers simply to enjoy some good music.

Can't Treat Your Space? Compensate for it.
For many people, acoustic treatment is not an option due to the cost and complexity involved or because they use their speakers in a living room or bedroom. The A Series offers several solutions to address poor room acoustics, from room adaptation equalisation to deal with unavoidable nearby objects, to automated room correction available through the Sonarworks collaboration. Together these technologies can greatly improve the listening experience without the need for costly alterations to your space.

Save Space with Mounting Options
The A Series cabinets were designed with mounting in mind. All models feature four M8 threaded screw holes (10 mm depth) in a rectangular pattern of 127 mm x 70 mm.

Stay in the Zone with Remote Operation
Much of the embedded technologies found in the A Series can be controlled remotely and in real time via the A Control software application. This means you can focus on your project and monitor adjustments from your listening position without the need to reach behind the speakers to adjust.

Future Proof Feature Set
Software and firmware played an important role in the development of the A Series and will continue to long after the launch of the speakers. Via the Ethernet connection you can expect to integrate the latest DSP-based capabilities from ADAM Audio, including new filter types and features, plus alternative voicings, meaning your A Series monitors will continue to deliver the best sound possible for many years to come.

Beyond Stereo Applications
The A Series features a variety of input options, mounting possibilities, and sound adjustability, making it suitable for multichannel and surround applications.

Free Up Processing Power
For the past 3 years, ADAM Audio and Sonarworks have worked side-by-side to deliver an innovative integration running directly on A Series monitors. This negates the need for an additional DAW plugin, simplifying workflows and ensuring that your studio monitors are always optimally tuned, regardless of the audio source or type.

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The Adam A7Vs are.stunning 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Langley, British Columbia
I recently picked these up and am very impressed so far. They have a great soundstage, and excellent imaging. I was able to ditch the sub I had with my last setup, as these produce ample tight bass with the 7" woofer. The midrange and highs are both excellent and well balanced as well. I play guitar, synths, and bass through them.
Posted by telemetry on Aug 27, 2022
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Run don't Walk to Pick these up 5 of 5 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Calgary Chinook, Alberta
I had some A7X's before these. An improvement in every way. These are louder, more articulate and thankfully have way more mid range clarity out of the box then the A7X's. I had to do a lot of fumbling with the knobs on the A7X's to make them sound reasonable for guitar playing. The multiple voicings and room control is so much more intuitive on the A7V's. They sound great for music playback as well. I deducted some points due to the A Control Software not being available until September and its a bit buried in their communication at Adam.
Posted by Karim H on Aug 10, 2022
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