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The sound that rocked the 70s

Legendary drums of the rock gods
Decades of recording ingenuity to perfect, a few seconds to drop into your DAW. For the timeless sound of British rock drums, look no further than the Classic Rock collection. One thunderous late sixties Blue Oyster kit just like the one John Bonham kicked the triplets out of with Led Zeppelin. One superbly recorded 70s Retroplex kit like the one Keith Moon played on stage with a live goldfish in.

Complete with the Retro Songs and RocknRoll MIDIpaks giving you beats from hard rock to motown, controllable presets, dialable room tone, cowbell, more cowbell! Its the drum sound that changed the music world forever, bundled up in a box for your music-making pleasure. Load them up in your DAW and throw the TV out of the window!
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