Breitkopf & Hartel The Bassoon: A Tutorial in Six Volumes, Vol. 1 (German / English) - Angerhofer/Seltmann - Bassoon - Book

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Authors: Gunter Angerhofer (1926-2015), Werner Seltmann (*1930)
Format: Book
Languages: German / English
Instrumentation: Bassoon

The six-volume tutorial series "The Bassoon" provides a comprehensive introduction to the instrument and its way of playing by combining textual commentaries with music sections. Addressed to both hobby musicians and aspiring professional musicians, the bilingual German-English edition is suitable for use internationally.

The first volume of the course provides comprehensive information about the bassoon and its history, together with technical aspects of playing it, such as the player's posture, embouchure, breathing, and tone production. Given in addition are general explanations such as about musical notation, meter and time or dynamics. For example, practical advice is offered in conjunction with articulation or dynamics, helping the student to implement specifically what has been learned into practice. Tips for optimal practicing methods will promote the student's learning success. As in the other volumes, the 36 lessons include tone studies, technical studies, and three etudes each, supplemented by scales and clef-reading exercises. For an overview of the different fingerings, a fingering chart is appended. 184 pages.

1. Preface
2. The German-System Bassoon- its Parts, their Function and Use (Seltmann)
3. The History of the Bassoon (Angerhofer )
4. Playing the Bassoon (Seltmann )
5. Suitability and Aptitude (Seltmann )
6. Playing Position (Seltmann )
7. The Embouchure (Seltmann )
8. Breathing (Seltmann )
9. Tone Production (Seltmann )
10. On Dynamics (Seltmann )
11. On Articulation (Seltmann )
12. Vibrato (Seltmann )
13. Musical Notation (Angerhofer )
14. Clefs and Notes (Angerhofer )
15. Conventional Signs and Abbreviations (Angerhofer )
16. Metre and Time (Angerhofer )
17. Tempo (Angerhofer )
18. Dynamics (Angerhofer )
19. Phrasing and Articulation (Angerhofer )
20. Ornaments (Angerhofer )
21. Rules for worth-while Practice
22. To the Lessons
23. Lessons 1 to 36
24. Fingering Chart I / Basic Fingerings
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