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Bifold Dual Channel Series/Parallel Wavefolder

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Bifold Dual Channel Series/Parallel Wavefolder

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Bifold Dual Channel Series/Parallel Wavefolder

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Bifold is a unique dual channel wavefolder with numerous feedback and routing options along with CV control. Mix, blend and crossfade the two different folder flavours into a rich stew of unique waveforms and harmonic movement. It is the first wavefolder to offer simultaneous, independently controllable serial and parallel folder circuits.

Wavefolding is one of the most powerful ways to produce complex timbres out of a simple sound source or waveform. When done well, the results can be warm, textured, organic and full of musical character. Intellijel studied some of the most revered wavefolding circuits and looked at ways to integrate the positive qualities of these into a design that was full of sweet spots and allowed for a huge amount of experimentation and modulation.

Bifold combines two unique wavefolders with a crossfader; One channel (the P channel) has a sonic characteristic inspired by the Buchla-style Parallel "deadband" folding circuit, while the other channel (the S channel) is more characteristic of a Serge-type Serial folding circuit.

There are distinct differences to how they react to specific waveforms, modulation and even their overall frequency response. By linking both folders together with a voltage controlled crossfader we further expand the ability to blend these two different folders together to create new waveforms. But this just scratches the surface of possibilities.

Ring modulation, blending, crossfading, complex noise generation, feedback modulation, cascaded folding and so much more are all possible thanks to the strategically placed routing switches, jack normals and attenuators and other control options. This is a module that invites much exploration and discovery and pairs well with almost any kind of modulation and sound source.

• Ring modulation
• Blending
• Crossfading
• Complex noise generation
• Feedback modulation
• Cascaded folding

Width: 8HP
Depth: 38mm
Power: 94mA @ +12V / 94mA @ -12V


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