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GIA Publications The 1-3-5 Essential Choral Exercises - Hudson/Jordan - Book

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The 1-3-5 Essential Choral Exercises - Hudson/Jordan - Book
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The Essentials of the Choral Warm-Up: Science, Method, and Pedagogy

Authors: John Frederick Hudson, James Jordan
Format: Book
Subject: Choral Warmup

James Jordan has been at the forefront of Choral Pedagogy for over 35 years. His landmark publications under the guidance of Frauke Haasemann have afforded him a front row seat to the development of Choral Warm-Up Pedagogy. His studies in the Psychology of Music with Edwin Gordon have allowed him to marry the pedagogy of the choral warm-up with Music Learning Theory. His text, The Choral Warm-Up (GIA), shared the pedagogical method for building healthy choral sound with teachers around the world. This book shares the exercises that have been at the core of vocal pedagogy for the choirs at Westminster Choir College: Chapel Choir/Schola Cantorum, Westminster Williamson Voices, Symphonic Choir, Westminster Choir, and his professional ensemble, The Same Stream (

The revolutionary sequence of the efficient exercises in this book, while they appear simple, fold voice science and Music Learning Theory into the choral warm-up by refocusing choral ensemble warm-up pedagogy on tongue position and the inner architecture of vowels. Using only the triadic 1-3-5 provides a consistent pedagogy for vocal health for every ensemble that creates beautiful choral blend, accurate intonation, and a humanly centered sound for choirs at all levels.

James Jordan is Professor of Conducting and Director of Choral Studies at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, where he conducts the Westminster Choir and the Westminster Symphonic Choir. He has published over 60 books regarding Choral Pedagogy, Conducting, and the Philosophy of Music Teaching and Performance.

John Frederick Hudson is a London-based composer, conductor, and pianist who holds degrees from Westminster Choir College and The University of Aberdeen (Scotland), where he earned a PhD in Composition, studying with Paul Mealor. His published music can be found at Beckenhorst Press and in the Evoking Sound Choral Series at GIA.

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