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Native X-Echo Plug-In - Download

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Native X-Echo Plug-In - Download
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SSL Native X-Echo is a vintage tape echo plug-in, inspired by the sound of definitive early tape delay hardware of the 1960s, while introducing SSL's signature analogue saturation and warmth. Aside from sounding great from the get-go, it is complimented by numerous other practical and creative features, such as built-in de-essing, waveform visualisation, and a brand-new reverb design.


• Inspired by early hardware delay units from the 1960s such as the Echoplex tape echo
• Combine tape-style analogue degradation with classic SSL-style distortion characteristics using the 'Wow & Flutter' and 'Saturation' controls
• Models classic characteristics of hardware tape echo devices, including the looping EQ, soft clipping, gentle tape hiss and self-oscillation when raising the feedback above 100%
• WOW & FLUTTER emulates the effect of mechanical components like the capstan and pinchwheel, as well as the friction of the tape itself
• Use FREEZE and KILL to build risers and drops in recordings and live performances
• Bespoke one-knob DIFFUSION control, featuring a brand new reverb design
• Built-in DE-ESSER for controlling the sibilant frequencies that tape echoes often accentuate
• Designed to sound great from instantiation - even before you start tweaking it
• Unique interface and waveform visualisation for seeing how the tape heads interact
• Sync your delay to note values with a single click
• 4 switch-able tape heads for adding variation
• Cleverly stereoises mono => stereo signals using a phase shifting technique.
• SSL's cross-platform preset management and A/B-ing system
• Built-in UNDO/REDO support


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