Blocki Flute Method Pneumo Pro Flute Training Kit with Digital Video

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Pneumo Pro Flute Training Kit with Digital Video
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The Pneumo Pro® has helped thousands of new flautists to quickly learn how to have a beautiful tone. Band directors and flute teachers love how the Pneumo Pro® facilitates the correct and consistent placement of the air column, taking the mystery out of tone production. The Pneumo Pro® can be inserted in the body of the flute which allows immediate feedback on the correct placement of the air column even while the students are balancing the flute.

With the Pneumo Pro inserted into the body of the flute, the student can play through their piece or exercise, while the teacher checks the flexibility, direction and speed of the air column. It is quite helpful to have the student play a piece or exercise on the Pneumo Pro (with it in the flute) while the teacher plays it on the flute.

For advanced students The Pneumo Pro helps with: • Tone production.
• Tuning (especially when playing changes in dynamics.)
• Focused double and triple tonguing
• Smooth and connected flexibility between octaves.
• Advanced techniques such as multiphonics.

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