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Fiberglass Cello Bow - 1/4

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Fiberglass Cello Bow - 1/4
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P&H cello bows are widely recommended by teachers for their resilience as the fibreglass stick will not warp in hot or damp conditions. The bow is well-balanced with natural white horsehair and can be easily and quickly rehaired using the unique easy re-hairing system. The bow will not warp in damp or hot conditions and spring tension is built in for life even when left on full load for weeks.

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Disappointing but will suffice for now 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful
Product Experience   I own it
Closest Store   Ottawa, Ontario
I bought this because it was the nicest one they had on the shelf and it could be easily re-haired.
I have typically spent about $70-90 on my bows until now and thought that they weren’t worth re-hairing because anything in this price range is super cheap but I would take any of my old bows over this one. I’ll be re-hairing another bow as soon as I can get hair ordered in.
Unfortunately I doubt that I’ll ever try the really neat 5 minute re-hair feature on this bow because it just isn’t worth it.
It is heavy at the tip and is not very responsive. I also find the sound from it to be quite dull and unexpressive. I’ll play around with different rosins but I’m not hopeful and am looking forward to wearing out this bow so I can justify replacing it with a student quality bow. I tried it and then swapped my strings and it was still underwhelming.
The difference between this and my other cheap bows has me really wanting to get a $200-500 bow to compare. Because it really is that significant of a difference.
If you cannot afford a higher quality bow I would risk one of their $50 bows before buying this one because it is the worst out of my 4 bows so far (I have used wood, fibreglass and carbon fibre).
For under $100 it gets the job done, just not as well as other sub $100 bows.
That said… this is a very subjective thing and it may work perfectly for your playing style and desired sound. It may also sound a lot better with a different cello.
Posted by Jonathan on Jun 27, 2022
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