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OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine

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OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine

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OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
OPUS Multi-Channel Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine
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The Next Evolution
Introducing OPUS, an end-to-end tone shaping Amp Simulator and DynIR™ Engine ushering-in the next milestone-evolution of the Two notes ecosystem. Building upon the C.A.B. lineage - and the critically acclaimed digital cabinet simulation legacy - OPUS adds Pre- & Power-amp Tube-Stage Modeling™ (TSM™), MIDI integration and a future-proofed USB-C specification, empowering players of all- walks with apex-level tone in a go-anywhere footprint.

For deft ease-of-use, Torpedo Remote (iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows) serves as the nexus of your tone shaping experience; simply hookup to your Phone, Tablet or Desktop and experience liberated 1:1 integration with every editable parameter in the OPUS architecture. Tonally, everything you demand from a state-of-the-art digital Amp Sim is here; whether it's a thundering high-gain onslaught, a sublime clean primed to serve as the foundation of a pedalboard rig or a mojo-fuelled brit-inspired roar, each and every base is covered. OPUS, it's more than the masterpiece: it's a back-line in your gig-bag and a macrocosm of next-level tonal excellence.

TSM™ Preamp Emulation
It's a stone hard fact: the rudiments of stand-out tone start with an expertly tuned Preamp. The latest DSP-powered platform - TSM™ Emulation - furnishes players with a suite of pro-grade Preamps, brimming with unique character and inspired by icons in the guitar- and bass-amp annals.

Whether it's a pristine high-headroom clean or a primo foundation for your pedal collection, Foundry delivers. In short, it's the epitome of a classic Cali clean, brimming with warm saturation and engineered to capture every subtle nuance of your delivery.

Bass players seeking the pinnacle in low-end theory, look no further than Peggy. Pushing complex harmonic overtones, a warm midrange and oodles of rafter ratlin' thump, Peggy delivers the perfect blend of classic '60s bass sonics with expertly-tuned tweak-ability to sit your tone in any pocket!

For those times when only a legendary Brit-inspired roar will suffice, there's Albion. Complete with a rich, vocal mid-range, lashings of punch, boat-loads of power and gain-for-days, Albion is your secret weapon when diving head-first into Classic- and Hard-Rock territory.   

Seeking chime, articulation and buttery-smooth presence? Foxy's a one-stop-shop! With airy highs, impeccable breakup and sublime mid-range bite when pushing the gain, Foxy is primed to take on everything from sultry Jazz to rauch-fuelled Rock n' Roll.

Want gain? NiftyFifty's got it on tap! It's aggression incarnate. It's punchy. It's super-versatile covering everything from a warm full-throttle onslaught to a searing lead tone that cuts through any mix. Whether it's the darker side of metal or a tone that wouldn't be amiss in 80's inspired virtuosity, NiftyFifty is deserving of any contemporary player's sonic arsenal.

Power to Your Performance
With OPUS, customising your Poweramp to your pre-signal-chain is a snap. Using our proprietary TSM™ technology, dive in and sculpt your tone with 4 separate tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88) in Push- Pull / AB class, or Single Ended / A class configurations. In a nutshell, it's everything you need to tweak to your heart's content and enrich your tone with the undeniable mojo of an authentic clipping/compressed power section.

DynIR™ Engine
Discover best-in-class cabinet emulation with OPUS' on-board DynIR™ technology. Conquering the dividing line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, DynIR™ represents the pinnacle in virtual guitar- and bass-cabinet technology. Harnessing power equivalent to 160,000 studio- grade IR files, each Two notes DynIR™ can be shaped to the needs of even the most discerning tone chaser. With 8 mics per cabinet, dual mic-ing and 10K mic positions (front & back), unleashing your tone and finding your signature sound has never been simpler.

DI for Days
OPUS renders conventional connectivity restraints a thing of the past; a slew of hook-up options facilitated via complete command of the built-in Pre- and Power-amp emulations makes this our most versatile Torpedo-series solution to date.

- Pedal fanatics: make OPUS the beating heart of your rig. Its stellar front- and rear-loading capability, in tandem with your pre- and post-amp pedal collection, delivers the ultimate "go-anywhere" fly-rig.

- Be prepared for virtually any performance or recording scenario with OPUS' Dual Mono routing facilities. Simply define a terminus in OPUS' DSP signal chain and you're set to send two distinct signals from the DI (XLR) and LINE (1/4-inch TRS) outputs. So, whether it's piping a fully-processed DI signal to FOH and a TSM™ Amp emulation to your amp's FX return, or simply tracking a dry DI and DSP-processed signal simultaneously in a recording session, OPUS delivers all the flexibility your performance demands.

- Amp enthusiasts: you're covered! Place OPUS between your amp and speaker rig, unleash the unmatched power of Two notes proprietary DynIR™ cabinet technology and deliver flawless tone to a DAW or FOH.

- Looking to push your tube amp to its outright sweet spot but don't want to wake the neighbours? Line OPUS's SPEAKER OUT to a reactive load box (Torpedo Captor 4/8/16) and tap into unprecedented levels of luscious saturation paired perfectly with the must-have response your performance demands.

- Seeking a next-level hybrid setup? No sweat! Line OPUS into your amp's FX return, disable the on-board TSM™ Poweramp emulation and enrich your tone with the warmth, power and compression of your favourite poweramp driven to perfection.

This unprecedented level of flexibility - coupled with Two notes' TSM™ emulation, DynIR™ technology and comprehensive I/O (inc. XLR DI, MIDI, Headphones, Aux In) - makes OPUS the player's choice and a down-right secret weapon deserving of any stage- or studio-centric setup.

Tone you can Touch
OPUS' arsenal of tactile control options guarantees immaculate end-to-end authority when it comes to dialling in your signature tone. Edit directly via OPUS' conveniently located dual rotary encoders and radiant OLED display for immediate access to every editable parameter. For outright 1:1 hands-on control, hook-up OPUS to your computer, smart-phone or tablet and experience the unmatched power of Torpedo Remote. Whatever your preference, everything you need to dive head-first into Two notes' best- in-class ecosystem is just a touch away.

Preset Power!
The preset: it's the perfect jump-off for sculpting your signature tone and the final destination for immaculate sonics from the get-go! With 99 preset locations and an exclusive collection of 40+ artist-series presets• from the likes of Pete Thorn, Michael Nielsen, Jack Gardiner, Tom Quayle, Adam Steel, John Browne, Jay Leonard J and more, OPUS is the definitive launchpad to jump-start your foray into the Two notes class-leading ecosystem.

*Available as downloads upon product registration

Studio-Grade FX
For maximum tweak-ability, OPUS comes packed with a pro-grade suite of essential DSP-powered processors and FX. Be it an Enhancer to add thump, fatness or crystalline clarity to your tone, a handy Noise Gate, a customizable EQ with 3 modes, or even a 12-model-strong Reverb, OPUS empowers you with every essential to make the tone in your head a reality.

OPUS Exchange
Whether it's levelling-up your preset arsenal with some fresh flavor, sparking some inspiration for your next tonal exploit, or sharing your latest creation with a legion of like-minded OPUS wielding tone-heads, the OPUS Exchange is your first and final destination. With comprehensive search and filter facilities, plus an ever expanding library of tones to explore, finding your next sonic signature couldn't be simpler.

Series-O DynIR Cabinet Collection
Pre-loaded within OPUS is the exclusive Series-O DynIR™ Cabinet Collection. Comprising 32 must-have captures including artist-series cabs from the likes of Steve Stevens, Dave Friedman, Pete Thorn, George Lynch and Phil X, the match is well and truly set for tone of meteoric calibre!

Acoustic DI
Looking to switch up your Acoustic tone on the fly? OPUS is a one-stop-shop thanks to a collection of 40+ premier Acoustic Impulse responses inspired by legendary guitars in the acoustic annals.

IRs: Reimagined
Got a collection of regular static IRs? OPUS is the definitive solution that gets the best out of them. With storage of up to 512 IRs on the internal memory (plus thousands more on the included memory card) - lest we forget facilities for blending two static IRs and powerful low-latency on-board DSP - OPUS is so much more than just an IR loader - it's the power to re-image your existing tone shaping tools like never before.


• The ultimate pedal platform Amp Sim and DynIR™ Engine powered by Tube-Stage Modeling™ (TSM™) technology
• 5 pristine TSM™ Preamp emulations; 10 total slots for future Preamp models via free Firmware Updates
• Exquisite TSM™ Poweramp simulation with 4 tube amp models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88), Pentode / Triode, Push-Pull (PP) "Class AB", or Single Ended (SE) "Class A" power amps
• On-board DynIR™ Engine for class-leading cabinet simulation with dual-miking facilities, 8 microphones per cabinet and 12 room emulations
• Pro-grade suite of essential DSP-powered processors and effects including an EQ, Enhancer, Noise Gate and Reverb
• Pre-loaded with the OPUS-Series DynIR Cabinet Collection featuring 32 Cabinets including captures from Steve Stevens, Dave Friedman, Pete Thorn, George Lynch and Phil X
• 99 preset locations and an exclusive collection of 40+ artist-series presets from the likes of Pete Thorn, Michael Nielsen, Jack Gardiner, Tom Quayle, Adam Steel, John Browne, Jay Leonard J and more
• Wireless and USB integration with Torpedo Remote (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows) for expert-level tone shaping, preset management and real-time auditioning of 600+ DynIR Cabinets
• MIDI input for seamless assimilation into existing set-ups; MIDI breakout cable included
• Dual Static IR Loader and Acoustic DI with 40+ premier Acoustic Impulse Responses included
• USB-C connectivity for future-proofed rapid data transfer
• Compact ultra-portable footprint and rugged, road-ready metal chassis

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