Alfred Publishing Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course Complete

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Alfred\'s Kid\'s Ukulele Course Complete
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Grade Beginner
Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course is a fun method that teaches you to play songs on the ukulele right away. This complete edition combines levels 1 and 2 with the activity pages of the Notespeller, and includes an accompanying MP3 CD and DVD so you always know how the music should sound. Each lesson is explained in plain language that's easy to understand. Plus, you get to learn from three irresistible ukulele experts---a clever classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues. They keep your attention focused by pointing out what's important on each page and help you learn by making music fun!Parents can be effective guides to help you through this course, even if they've never had any musical training themselves. You can even use this course in your classroom at school. Now get ready to take your first, best step toward a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Song List:A-Choo!A-Tisket, A-TasketA-Tisket, A-TasketAbby, The ArmadilloActivity: Bar Lines And MeasuresActivity: Common TimeActivity: Counting TimeActivity: DynamicsActivity: Key SignaturesActivity: Pickup MeasuresActivity: Review: All The Notes And Chords In Book 1Activity: Review: All The Notes And Chords You Learned In Books 1 & 2Activity: The 3/4 Time SignatureActivity: The 4/4 Time SignatureActivity: The C ChordActivity: The C7 ChordActivity: The Dotted Half NoteActivity: The Dotted Quarter NoteActivity: The Downstroke And UpstrokeActivity: The Eighth NoteActivity: The F ChordActivity: The FermataActivity: The G And D7 ChordsActivity: The G7 ChordActivity: The Half NoteActivity: The Half RestActivity: The Note A (1st String)Activity: The Note B (1st String)Activity: The Note B-FlatActivity: The Note C (1st String)Activity: The Note C (3rd String)Activity: The Note D (3rd String)Activity: The Note E (2nd String)Activity: The Note F (2nd String)Activity: The Note F-SharpActivity: The Note G (2nd String)Activity: The Notes E, F, G, A, B, And CActivity: The Quarter NoteActivity: The Quarter RestActivity: The Quarter-Note SlashActivity: The Repeat SignActivity: The StaffActivity: The Staff And Treble ClefActivity: The Whole NoteActivity: TiesActivity: Write Your Own Song With Four ChordsAll The Notes I Know So FarAloha 'Oe (Farewell To Thee)Aura LeeBar Lines, Measures, And Time SignaturesBeatsBeautiful Brown EyesBlues In CBrave In The CaveCaring For Your UkuleleClap And Count Out LoudClefsClementineCockles And MusselsCounting Dotted Quarter NotesD Is Easy!Dotted Half Notes & TimeDotted Quarter NotesDown In The ValleyDynamicsEcho RockEighth NotesGetting Acquainted With Music NotationGo Tell Aunt RhodyGood Night LadiesHand PositionHot Cross BunsHow To Hold Your UkuleleHow To Read Chord DiagramsIntroducing B-FlatIntroducing Common TimeIntroducing F-SharpIntroducing The Quarter NoteIntroducing The Quarter-Note SlashJammin' With Eighth NotesJingle BellsJumping AroundKey SignaturesLargoLittle Brown JugLittle Steps And Big LeapsLondon BridgeLove SomebodyLove Somebody (Extended Version)Mary Had A Little LambMerrily We Roll AlongMichael, Row The Boat AshoreMore Time To StrumMusic Matching GamesMusic Matching GamesMy First ChordMy Fourth ChordMy Second ChordMy Third ChordNote And StrumNotesNotes On The First String: Introducing ANotes On The First String: Introducing BNotes On The First String: Introducing CNotes On The Second String: Introducing ENotes On The Second String: Introducing FNotes On The Second String: Introducing GNotes On The Third String: Introducing CNotes On The Third String: Introducing DOde To JoyOde To Joy (Extended Version)Old Macdonald Had A FarmOver The RainbowOver The Rainbow (Extended Version)Parts Of The UkulelePickup MeasuresPing Pong SongPlacing A Finger On A StringRain Comes DownRockin' UkeSelecting Your UkuleleSkip To My LouSoccer GameStrumming NotationStrumming The StringsStrumming With A PickStrumming With Your FingersTaking A WalkTempo SignsThe C ChordThe C7 ChordThe D7 ChordThe Down-And-Up-StrokeThe F ChordThe Farmer In The DellThe FermataThe G ChordThe G7 ChordThe Half NoteThe Half RestThe Mountain ClimberThe Music AlphabetThe Note A With ChordsThe Notes A And B With ChordsThe Notes A, B, And C With ChordsThe Old Grey MareThe Quarter RestThe Repeat SignThe StaffThe Staff And Treble ClefThe Streets Of LaredoThis Is An OctaveThree Blind MiceThree Chords In One SongThree Is For Me!Three Open StringsThree-String BoogieThree-Tempo RockTiesTime To Strum!Tom DooleyTroubadour SongTuning Your UkuleleTwo Open StringsTwo-String MelodyUp-Down-UpUsing G7 With Other ChordsUsing Your Left HandWhen I Feel BestWhen The Saints Go Marching InYankee Doodle

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