Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 Modular Synthesis Lab

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Voltage Lab 2 Modular Synthesis Lab

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Voltage Lab 2 Modular Synthesis Lab
Voltage Lab 2 Modular Synthesis Lab
Voltage Lab 2 Modular Synthesis Lab
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The Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 is a cutting edge synthesis laboratory that offers a new palette of analog textures and waveforms to sonic researchers. Newly developed wave shaping capabilities paired with powerful synthesis tools, and a deep, performance oriented controller join together to create a complete sound design laboratory.

This instrument has a very physical sound. The tones it creates feel natural and alive, with traditional waveforms becoming the seeds of unique new shapes and sounds that shift between analog physical modeling and more unfamiliar, abstract timbres.

The Voltage Lab 2 includes a host of fully modular, analog and digital synthesis tools to support and enhance its core functionality. Analog tools include flexible mixers, a pair of complex function generators, noise, sample and hold, and an LFO. Digital tools cover external MIDI, arpeggiator, and a robust chance sequencer. The Voltage Lab 2 toolset is deep enough for all types of sonic experiments.


• Dual oscillator synthesizer with innovative analog sound design elements.
• Dual channel, complex 16 note touch controller and sequencer.
• Fully modular eurorack format synthesizer with 101 point patch bay. Build complex sonic experiments within the Voltage Lab 2 or patch with external eurorack devices.
• Controllable via touch controller, sequencer, external MIDI, CV, gate.
• A pair of analog Pittsburgh Modular Laboratory Oscillators utilizing cutting edge waveshaping techniques.
• Built-in oscillator effects include a highly tuned Ring Modulator, Frequency Modulation (FM), Bit Crushing, and bi-directional Hard Sync.
• A pair of multi-purpose Function Generators work as a voltage controllable envelope with or without sustain, slew, LFO, clock divider, gate delay, and more.
• The Function Generators can be intertwined to create complex modulation options using the trigger conditions and function generator mixer outputs.
• Analog synthesis tools include flexible amplifier, attenuator, mixer/splitter, dual range LFO, and a signal splitter.
• Digital synthesis tools include MIDI to CV converter, arpeggiator, and a robust chance sequencer.
• A pair of Pittsburgh Dynamics Controllers. An expanded alternative to a filter and/or VCA.
• Noise generator and fully patchable Sample & Hold.
• A pair of analog effects. Florist flanger chorus and Echos bucket brigade delay.
• Line level and headphone outputs.
• Dual Channel Touch Controller offers a combination of real time, expressive playing and in-depth sequencing.
• Touch Controller includes 16 dedicated pitch knobs per channel and 16 shared CV channel knobs.
• Each channel offers 8 simultaneous outputs. Quantized pitch, unquantized CV, pressure, trigger, gate, envelope, a second unquantized CV, and MIDI outputs.
• Global Touch Controller inputs include MIDI input, clock input, and clock reset input.
• Per channel inputs include channel active step scan input, channel reset/1-shot input, channel repeat input, and channel chance CV input.
• Assignable Key and scale. Chromatic, major, minor, or microtonal scales with up to 32 steps per octave.
• Touch Controller pitch can be assigned chromatically or per step using the dedicated channel knobs.
• Range of channel knobs can be set to 2, 3, or 4 octaves.
• Per step Sequencer features include pitch, gate length, envelope length, step conditions (1-100% chance, every other one, etc.) chance, step shift, step length, step destination jump, and step roll.
• Global Sequencer features include first step, direction, touchpad mode, step quantizer, swing, humanize, sequence shift, euclidean generator, sequence generator, fill generator, clock division
• Each channel offers a dedicated chance amount that can be assigned to up to 4 destinations, pitch, trigger, note shift, note roll.
• Clock source can be set to internal, external MIDI, or external gate.
• Assignable MIDI channels

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