Frirsz Music Company Viola Tailpiece - Matte Black - Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
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Frirsz Music Company Viola Tailpiece - Matte Black

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Sound Engineering. Literally!

The Frirsz tailpiece features three very innovative design elements that dramatically improve the performance of a string instrument:
  • The open string area below the bridge is progressively increased from the treble to the bass strings
  • The leading edge has a lower, flatter profile
  • There is a twist in the tailpiece that adds down force to the bridge on the bass side

These design elements yield the following benefits:
  • Improved clarity, projection, and sensitivity
  • Enhanced balance across all four strings
  • Stronger, richer bass notes
  • Improved resonance
  • Significant reduction or elimination of wolf tones

While these innovative devices may look simple with their organic curves and rich finishes, the principles on which they are designed are scientifically robust.
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