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Studio One Premium Microphone Cable - 25 foot

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Studio One Premium Microphone Cable - 25 foot
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Studio One cables are designed to deliver unmatched reliability, clarity and tone. High quality Amphenol connectors with the patented 'Jaws' internal strain relief system ensure the Studio One cable ends will not fail even during the most enthusiastic of live performances. The cable itself uses 4-core annealed copper center conductors, twisted with woven filler to prevent stretching so cable retains maximum balancing. A rugged ultra-flexible PVC cable jacket for extra durability and a pure oxygen-free copper braided shielding delivers maximum EMI and RFI rejection.

• Amphenol Gold Plated XLR Connectors Guarantee Superior Signal Transfer
• Patented Jaws Strain Relief Protects Solder Connections
• Double Balanced Quad Conductor Cable Design
• High Conductivity 24-Gauge 40-Strand Bare Annealed Copper Conductors
• Woven Cotton and Helically Applied Tape Filler Ensures Twisted Pair Balancing Stays Intact
• High Density Tightly Woven Bare Annealed Braided Copper Shielding Provides 95% Coverage
• Designed for Maximum EMI and RFI Rejection
• Rugged Matte PVC Outer Covering
• Made in Canada (Using raw cable manufactured in USA, Amphenol connectors made in Australia)
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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I have a small recording studio set up with various mics and cables using a mix of DLX and Studio One. Is there a difference? I have a matched pair of small diaphragm mics that I set up side by side across from the 12th fret of my acoustic guitar. The Roland Octa Capture interface has "auto-sens" which allows you too play for an amount of time, and at the end, automatically set the gain. It is a very good and accurate device and saves a lot of time when you have a group of people to record with a number of mics. Everyone plays together and each mic gets set, without clipping. One mic had the Yorkville DLX cable 15 ft, and the other a 25 ft Studio One. Octa Capture set on Bypass to eliminate the compressor feature. The DLX supplied mic had a gain setting that was 10% higher over the Studio One mic. Cables were switched between mics and the test done a number of times. The same 10% increase in gain was required with the DLX cable. Not a huge difference, but when you listen to the noise floor between the mics with good headphones you begin to understand what that 10% difference will give you, especially with vocal recordings. I then replaced the DLX with a 6 ft Studio One to compare with the 25 ft Studio. The "auto-sens" matched the gain for both mics - no difference basically, The 6 ft was at 35.0 gain and 25 ft was at 35.1 gain - out of a scale of 50. The ONLY complaint is that the Amphenol connector on the Studio One is very tight going into the mic, and it will not lock The DLX cable locks on all my mics. The Studio cable is held tight and takes quite a bit to remove from the mic, so no fear of falling out using a mic clip mount. A hand held mic with a singer moving about could be an issue. The issue with the Studio One cable is the rubber spacer grommet acting as a buffer when you plug the connector into the mic. It's too thick, by a fraction. Remove this spacer and the connector clicks into position. Switch the grommet from the DLX to the Studio and it locks. So the thicker grommet is the issue. Other than that - great cables.
Posted by ivm on Mar 4, 2020
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