Sound Advice Theory Sound Advice: Theory And Ear Training Level Four (Second Edition) - Braaten/Wiksyk - Book/Audio Online - Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
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Sound Advice Theory Sound Advice: Theory and Ear Training Level Four (Second Edition) - Braaten/Wiksyk - Book/Audio Online

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Authors: Brenda Braaten, Crystal Wiksyk
Editor: Laura Beauchamp-Williamson
Format: Book with Audio Online
Function: Theory & Ear Training
Level: 4

Integration of Theory and Aural Skills
Each lesson in the Sound Advice program continuously relates musical sounds to their symbols by integrating written and aural theory. Theory, ear training, and sight-reading are integrated to develop music literacy. Numerous dictation, playback, and sight-singing exercises are included to address intervals, scales, chords, rhythms, melodies, cadences, chord progressions, melody writing, improvisation and musical style.

Each of the twenty-four lessons in the workbook consists of the following:
  • The Learning Guide introduces new concepts
  • The Theory Worksheet provides practice and review for new and previously learned concepts
  • The Ear-Training Worksheet reinforces concepts and builds strong aural skills
The Ear-Training Answer Key is included so that students can check their own work while the sound is fresh in their minds. Theory Answer Keys are available for teachers who would like their students to be able to check their own work.

The Purchase Of Each Book Includes Over 140 Audio Tracks!
While the Sound Advice series can be used to help prepare students for the theory and ear-training components of several major examination systems, the ultimate goal of Sound Advice is to help students become musically literate, to have a better understanding of how music "works" and to develop a deeper appreciation for music that will last a lifetime!
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