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A Comprehensive Voice Series

Author: Royal Conservatory of Music
Format: Book
Instrumentation: Low Voice
Level: 9-10

Resonance: A Comprehensive Voice Series encompasses a rich and varied selection of Repertoire, Vocalises, and Recitatives that students of all ages and voice types will find appropriate to their musical interests and level of technical ability. Reflecting a broad range of styles and periods, Resonance also includes selections from musical theatre and popular styles in Levels 1 to 8 of the Repertoire books. The richness of music carefully selected for this compilation will resonate with teachers and students at every level of study. Resonance is the official series for examinations of the Royal Conservatory. These books present a balanced and progressive selection of Vocalises and Recitatives for all voice types. The volumes include a representative sampling of recitatives from works by Purcell, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Mendelssohn, Bizet, Sullivan, Britten, and others.

Table of Contents
  • Level 9 Vocalises:
    • Vocalise in D Minor, op. 9, no. 45 - Concone, Giuseppe
    • Vocalise in F Major - Bordogni, Giulio Marco
    • Vocalise in D Minor - Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich
    • Vocalise in F Minor, op. 81, book 2, no. 14 (Syncopation) - Panofka, Heinrich
    • Vocalise in A Major, op. 17, no. 15 - Concone, Giuseppe
  • Level 10 Vocalises:
    • Vocalise in A flat Major, op. 12, no. 13 - Concone, Giuseppe
    • Vocalise in C Major, op. 10, no. 13 - Concone, Giuseppe
    • Vocalise in A Major, op. 85, no. 24 - Panofka, Heinrich
    • Vocalise in D Minor - Lamperti, Francesco
    • Vocalise in A flat Major - Bordogni, Giulio Marco
    • Vocalise in F Major, op. 12, no. 2 - Concone, Giuseppe
    • Vocalise in C Minor - Nava, Gaetano
    • Vocalise in F Minor - Sieber, Ferdinand
  • Level 9 Recitatives, Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto:
    • I know the pangs - Handel, George Frideric
    • Vous aimez le danger - Offenbach, Jacques
    • Elias, gehe weg von hinnen (Elijah, get thee hence) - Mendelssohn, Felix
    • Si, si, la vincero - Rossini, Gioachino
    • Alone, and yet alive! - Sullivan, Arthur
    • Frondi tenere - Handel, George Frideric
  • Level 10 Recitatives, Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto:
    • Nun wird mein liebster Brautigam - Bach, Johann Sebastian
    • Samson, recherchant ma presence - Saint-Saens, Camille
    • Ah scostati - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    • Cheerily carols the lark over the cot - Sullivan, Arthur
    • From Capharsalama - Handel, George Frideric
    • Nun auch der Bach vertrocknet ist (Now Cherith's brook is dried up) - Mendelssohn, Felix
    • Ahime! Dove trascorsi? - Gluck, Christoph Willibald
    • Quand je vous aimerai? - Bizet, Georges
  • Level 9 Recitatives, Baritone/Bass:
    • Bravo, signor padrone! - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    • Be comforted - Handel, George Frideric
    • Was Gott dem Abraham verheissen - Bach, Johann Sebastian
    • Ah! c'est trop s'occuper d'un presage funeste - Cherubini, Luigi
    • Tu del versato sangue - Donizetti, Gaetano
    • To help unhappy commoners - Sullivan, Arthur
    • Ich gehe hinab (I go on my way) - Mendelssohn, Felix
  • Level 10 Recitatives, Baritone/Bass:
    • Ma vedi il mio destino! - Rossini, Gioachino
    • Quando avrete introdotto il dottor Malatesta - Donizetti, Gaetano
    • Not vain is all this storm of grief - Handel, George Frideric
    • C'est en vain que j'ai cru - Thomas, Ambroise
    • There's something here p'rhaps in your favour - Britten, Benjamin
    • Ich habe frei - Bach, Johann Sebastian
    • Le nostre pene - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
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