Oasis Humidifers Mandolin Humidifier
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Oasis Humidifers Mandolin Humidifier

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The OH-26 mandolin humidifier is a modified version of the Oasis OH-6 case humidifier. It is shorter than the OH-6, so it can stand upright in a mandolin case. It comes with a different clip than the OH-6. The clip is shorter to fit the reduced depth of the mandolin case. The clip also has a wider top so it can span the side of a plush case.

The humidity output is reduced from that of the OH-6 because the area to be humidified is smaller. The OH-26 also holds about 1/3 less water than the OH-6 and only takes two syringes to fill it the first time.

The OH-26 will only fit cases where there is an open area for the humidifier to fit (F style). It will not fit a case where the body of the mandolin is completely form fitted to the case on all sides (A style).
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