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Dangerous Music 2-BUS Summing Device

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The Essential Tool for Serious Digital Audio Mixing

Digital Audio Workstations have taken over the world of
recording and there is no going back. While we all embrace the wonderful benefits of the computer-based workflow, we also have to deal with the issues and limitations of digital recording and mixing.

The Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing mixer was created
to bring back the analog sound quality youve been craving in your digital audio environment, while maintaining the fast workflow and recall capabilities we all depend on. 16 channels in, 2 channels out, one great sounding mix.

The Choice of Top Mix Engineers Worldwide
Incredible Imaging
More Punch and Detail
Unbelievable Headroom
Integrate Your Analog Gear into the modern DAW studio
The Dangerous 2-Bus is a 16X2 summing device designed to help DAW users achieve better mix performance through the use of cutting-edge analog audio circuit design. As engineers and musicians, the Dangerous Music team has noted that the resulting mix from DAW systems doesnt equal those of high-end analog
recording consoles. The solution is the 2-Buss pristine audio path - delivering nuance, depth and clarity to your mix without any added coloration or distortion.

The Dangerous Music 2-Busallows the full potential of your digital audio workstation to be realized - audibly, in terms of sound quality, spatial detail and headroom as well as ergonomically in terms of outboard analog equipment integration. The transparent sound allows you to enjoy the true colors of your chosen outboard gear without clouding the issue.

Assembled by hand using the highest quality components and a no-compromise attitude, the Dangerous 2-Bus sums 16 channels of audio to a stereo pair in a tried and true analog environment, delivering sound quality you would expect from a full-scale large format analog console, but from a compact 2RU device
that was specifically designed for the modern studio.

Superb Sonic Performance
Mastering Quality Signal Path
Stepped Attenuator output control
Fully Linkable with 2-BUS, 2-BUS LT and MIXERDAW studio
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