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Author: Gohar Vardanyan
Format: Book with Audio Online
Instrumentation: Guitar TAB

First Lessons Flamenco Guitar introduces the absolute basics of flamenco guitar. The book covers the fundamentals of reading music, including note and rest values, reading guitar tablature, finger names for the left and right hands, the names of guitar parts, and basic flamenco techniques and rhythms.

This book and accompanying audio are meant for beginners who would like to familiarize themselves with the world of flamenco. Each lesson is accompanied by an audio track so students can hear what they are learning. Some audio examples include different tempos for the same technique. First Lessons for Flamenco Guitar will provide the base from which students can advance in their flamenco studies. Includes access to online audio.


Introduction to Flamenco

I. The Guitar and its Parts

II. Terminology
  • Basic Flamenco Forms
  • Basic Guitar and Flamenco Terms:
  • Finger Names
III. Notation
  • Reading Notes
  • Reading Tablature
  • Fret Board Diagram
  • Note Values
IV. Rasgueado
  • Types of Rasgueado Patterns
V. Lessons
  • Soleares
    • Lesson 1: Compas
    • Lesson 2: Multiple Finger Patterns
      • Multiple Finger Down-stroke[/l]
      • Multiple Finger Down and up-stroke
      • Down and up-stroke continuously
    • Lesson 3: Rasgueados in Context
    • Lesson 4: Falsetas
      • Falseta 1
      • Falseta 2
      • Falseta 3
    • Lesson 5: Complete Soleares
  • Picado
    • Lesson 6
      • Even Repetition
      • Odd Repetition
    • Lesson 7: Picado in Context
  • Tremolo
    • Lesson 8
  • Malaguena
    • Lesson 9
  • Triplet Rasgueado
    • Lesson 10
  • Extra: Compas for Various Forms
    • Soleares
    • Alegrias
    • Bulerias
    • Fandangos
    • Farrucas
    • Seguiriya
    • Sevillanas
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