Crossovers II - Poly

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Crossovers II - Poly
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Crossovers II Poly

Uses a maple drumstick shaft and poly rods. The diameter size of the shaft is reduced, and is similar to that of a 5B drum stick.

Crossovers combine the concept of bundled rods with that of a regular drum stick. After lathing the unique shaped shaft of the Crossover, a centre hole is drilled down to a bulb area. Headhunters inserts the material (such as poly or bamboo rods) and finishes the stick with their user friendly 'Grip Control' which features a double textured 'X' pattern feel.

The major features present in all of the Crossovers are:
  • Incredible bounce and response
  • The bulb area is a solid bead
  • It can be played on the bell of a cymbal like a regular drumstick
  • Stick design can be used to execute rim shots and cross sticking with the sound expectations of a regular drumstick
  • The combined rods with a solid stick shaft design increase the dynamic range possible with this unique hybrid stick

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My Cool Rods were wearing out and I thought I would try something from the incredibly-diverse Headhunter line (a innovative Canadian company). These were recommended to me via an interesting e-mail exchange with a Headhunter rep.
After three rehearsals and one show -- for specific songs -- I can tell you these are nothing like Promark Rods. These bamboo bundles, coming out of a hardwood handle and reinforced with a hard plastic \"bulb\" sound like sticks with a head cold. They produce a volume that is roughly 85% that of a standard stick, yet are extremely quiet when hitting the cymbals. I even tried moving the o-ring right down to the top of the bulb in an attempt to increase bundle spread and tone articulation, but it made no difference.
It would cost me too much to ship these back to Long and McQuade, Brampton, so I will keep them and maybe try recording with them in the future, just for experimentation sake. Perhaps if I lent them to Kenny Aranoff for a month they would loosen up and sound more organic, but as they are now, they are of no practical use to me: I am in a pop-folk-light-rock band and am not a big stick swinger.
In terms of design, materials and workmanship, these are an outstanding product. When funds allow, I will try another offering from this groundbreaking Canadian company. In the meantime, I got a great pair of Promark Lightning Rods from Amazon Canada.
Posted by Simon Haworth on Nov 20, 2021
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