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Line 6 Variax Standard - Black

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Variax Standard combines legendary Line 6 innovation with renowned Yamaha craftsmanship, forming a versatile modern instrument that shatters the limitations of traditional guitars. Addictively playable with classic looks, Variax Standard gives you exceptional handcrafted quality - plus incredible Variax HD technology that puts it in a class of its own. Inspire your playing with a collection of the world's most coveted vintage electrics, classic acoustics and exotic instruments. Switch up your tunings on the fly. You can even go beyond what's physically possible and create the instrument of your dreams with Variax Workbench HD virtual custom shop software.

- Line 6 innovation meets Yamaha craftsmanship
- Access an entire collection of electric, acoustic and exotic guitars
- Switch between alternate tunings with the turn of a knob
- Create any guitar imaginable with Workbench HD software
- Lightweight alder body, fast maple neck and custom single-coil pickups

With the Variax family of guitars, creating your own unique sound has never been easier. Variax HD technology delivers a wide variety of classic guitar models - each with exceptional detail, feel and response. Choose from an amazing collection of vintage electrics. Or inspire your playing with rare acoustics and eclectic instruments. You can even layer your modeled sounds with the magnetic pick-ups. You can also access alternate tunings - including Open G, DADGAD, Drop D, or any other custom tuning - with the turn of a knob.

Become a virtual luthier with the free Variax Workbench HD software. You get complete control over every element of your Variax tone - so you can build the guitar of your dreams. Mix and match a wide range of body styles and pickup models to create your own unique instrument. The software takes you far beyond what's possible in the physical realm so you can build virtually any guitar imaginable.

- Handcrafted guitar with lightweight alder body and thin-finish maple neck
- Custom-designed alnico V single-coil magnetic pickups with rich, punchy sound
- Custom tremolo bridge with Graph Tech nut and string trees for added tuning stability
- Tightly integrated Variax HD modeling engine delivers vintage instruments with incredible detail
- A large collection of electric, acoustic and eclectic guitars
- 11 alternate tuning modes plus user-definable tunings
- 16 different pickup types (via Workbench HD software)
- Free Workbench HD software to customize and design entirely new instruments

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I'm getting used to the guitar now, but initially I was thinking this thing is a dud. It is amazing paired with a helix. Changing acoustic to electrick and other tricks mid song is remarkable. Out of the box, the setup was terrible very high action and the intonation was out. The bridge had no float.. I loosed the claw to get some float and did a full setup and it's very playable now.. the whammy is sloppy. I tried adding a fender whammy spring but it fell though the bridge entirely.. I'm going to try Plummer tape on the treads... the tuning is stable after a couple hours of acclimatizing to my house. The acoustics sound good though line 6 equipment , but not as gapped through a standard amp. The piezo pickups catch a lot more finger slide noise that magnets... the magnet pickups seem on par with my fender American standard, not as good as my fender elite... which seems about right.... I'd say the same about the tuners.. the bridge is 6 screw instead of 2 post.. a little disappointing at this price. The guitar is also very light making it seem a bit cheap at first but is great for my shoulder when I play 2 or more hours ... all in all ...good for the price but if the modelling works well I'll probably upgrade to something with more premium parts.
Posted by Pete on Feb 4, 2019
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