Hal Leonard Morrissey FAQ - McKinney - Book

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All That's Left to Know About This Charming Man

Artist: Morrissey
Author: D. McKinney
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Softcover
Version: Biographical Text

No one can argue that Morrissey is one of the best lyricists and charismatic front men in music history. But people love to argue about other things - his mysterious personal life, his pompous attitude, and the history and meaning behind his biggest hits.

Morrissey FAQ will put to rest any questions and doubts about the singer known around the world for his meaningful lyrics and biting wit. Readers will also learn about his passions, his weaknesses, the people who love him, the people who hate him, and the people who want to be him. Not since Elvis have fans been so obsessed with a singer; they fight with each other at concerts, they rush and tackle him onstage, they dress and act like him, and they even build shrines dedicated to him. Liking Morrissey isn't just liking his music - it's a way of life.

Morrissey is known for his over-the-top lyrics, his stage antics, his philosophies, and his whining. But after reading this book and digging deeper into the brooding mystique that is Morrissey, you'll also start whining... for more Moz!
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