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Fulltone Custom Effects Solid State Tape Echo

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Everything about Fulltone gear is impressive - from its vintage inspiration to the care taken in its design. Not to mention the fact that all their pedals are hand-built using top-notch components. As a result, Fulltone lives up to its name and delivers rich, fat-sounding TONE TOOLS that you can rely on.

The Solid State Tape Echo (SSTE) is a study in preserving the best of vintage while making it even better. Fulltone's SSTE had its beginnings back in the early 80's when Michael Fuller bought an old 70's Echoplex EP-3 tape delay. He discovered first hand why great artists like Page, early Van Halen, Brian May and Steve Stevens favoured the early EP 3's...because of the sound and feel of the preamp. "The first version EP-3's cut a bit of Bass and boost the highs a little, creating a beautiful sound and feel that no other delay, nor any of the 'EP-3 preamp pedals' can accurately create when running on anything less than 22 volts. That's just what a loud 4x12 Marshall amp needs....less bass, and more clarity."

But there was a downside to those EP 3's - ever-present hum and, frankly put, a lot of noise. So here is this century's solution, the Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo.


• 1/3 smaller than the original Echoplex. Handmade and bullet-proof.

• 1/4" tape for FAT sounding delay, using the ball-bearing equipped Fulltone ETC-1 Tape Cartridge.

• None of the Hiss and Hum found in vintage Echoplexes.

• Optimal 1.1 mega ohm Input impedance and super-low 10K output impedance SSTE has none of the issues that Echoplexes have driving long cables and is not affected by devices coming before or after, either.

• True-Bypass toggle switch, which you won't use much because of the SSTEs low output impedance, but its nice to be able to bypass to check your levels.

• 2 Tape speeds with a moveable Playback head to achieve everything from super-quick Plate Reverb emulations, to Rockabilly slapbacks, to a full 1 second delays. Manipulating a moveable playback head is the only way to achieve the Jimmy Page-like self-oscillating trick using a tape echo.

• 2 Preamp Modes:

EP-3 mode is the identical TIS58 JFET circuit of the first version (pre-serial #9451) Echoplex EP-3, offering that slight bass cut and slight treble boost favored by Page, Brian May, Steve Stevens, Tommy Bolin, etc. that works so well in high-volume stage situations.

Full mode is dead-on, honest, full-range rich sound, just like your bypassed sound, in case you aren't craving that unique EP-3 color.

• Separate Instrument Volume & Echo Volume control knobs - unlike the single Mix knob on an EP-3 which gave a fixed Instrument Volume and increased Hum as you turned clockwise. The SSTEs Instrument Volume knob has a center detente at 12 o'clock denoting unity gain and up to 10dB of clean boost available as you turn clockwise.

• Echo Repeats - turn clockwise to add repeats, and easily go into self-oscillation around 1 oclock depending on Record Level knob setting.

• Echo Highs tone switch: affects only the Echo Repeats, not your guitar tone.

Vintage - a true EP-3 sound is captured.

Brilliant - allows more overtones and highs on the repeats - a subtle difference, not trebly.

• Record Level - small mini-knob adjusts how much signal smacks the tape. 3 o'clock is normal, above that and the Echoes get THICKER.
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