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Manley All Tube Analogue Channel Strip

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48V Phantom power switch
120Hz High Pass Filter switch
Phase Invert switch
Input Attenuator (Variable Pad)
Mic Pre Selectable Gain 40dB or 60dB
Line Amp Selectable Gain 20dB or 40dB
1/4" Direct Input

Similar to the DI in the Manley SLAM!, this all-discrete solid-state circuit with 10 Meg Ohm input impedance is perfect for guitars, bass, keyboards, etc.


Featuring Manley's successful ELOP technology also found in their famous Manley VOXBOX
Compressor is uniquely before the Mic Preamp making it virtually impossible to clip
Ratio 3:1
Continuously variable Attack, Release, and Threshold controls
Silent Bypass switch


Low and High Baxandall Shelves (80Hz and 12kHz) with 12dB range
Sweepable Midrange Bell EQ (100Hz 1kHz) or (1kHz 10kHz) with 10dB range


Fast attack FET brickwall limiter
Continuously Variable Threshold and Release controls
Peak Limit LED indicator
10dB range output gain control


Large illuminated analog display
3-way meter-select switch shows Compressor Gain Reduction, Micpre Output Level, and Main Output audio levels.


Balanced XLR Mic Input
Balanced XLR Line Input
Front Panel Direct Instrument 1/4" Input
Insert point between Mic Preamp and EQ/Limiter via TRS jack
Balanced XLR Direct Output (after Preamp/Compressor section)
Balanced XLR Main Output
Deluxe CNC-machined 1/4" thick faceplate with inlaid laser-engraved inserts adorn the rigid 2U steel chassis - all sourced in Southern California
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