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Ilio Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Virtual Instrument

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Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics - an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will inspire a lifetime of exploration.

Omnisphere 2 allows you to easily turn your audio files and even your audio tracks/mixes into synthesis source for Omnisphere 2s powerful oscillators. It's remarkable how much you can creatively mangle one sound and transform it into something awesome! Omnisphere 2 plug-in works in all the major DAWs and Plug-in hosts that support VST/AU/AAX/RTAS platforms. Boxed set of 8 DVD-ROMs.

New Features:

Audio Import
• Use your own audio files as a soundsource in Omnisphere

New Synthesis Possibilities
• Over 400 new DSP waveforms for the synth oscillator
• Wavetable synthesis - each waveform is now a morphing wavetable
• Powerful new granular synthesis algorithm
• Deeper FM/ring mod capabilities for aggressive timbres
• 8 new filter types - new power filters, vowel, and resonators
• New unison drift models analog polysynth behavior
• Expanded modulation with new sources and many more targets
• Polyphonic LFO and modulation envelope options
• Soundsource reversing
• Includes over 12,000 sounds
• More than 4,500 brand new patches and soundsources
• New "Spotlight EDM" library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
• New exclusive soundsources from Diego Stocco's custom built instruments
• New category of phrase-based soundsources for granular synthesis
• Hundreds of new circuit bent soundsources
• Many innovative new psychoacoustic soundsources
• New melodic cave stalactites

New Arpeggiator Features
• Note transposition for step seq-style patterns
• Arp pattern lock while browsing
• Speed offset control allows slow down/speed up effects
• New modulation capabilities
• Arpeggiator

New Interface
• Redesigned wider user interface with many improvements
• New show modulation pane on left side
• New mini-browser available at all times
• Larger full browser design

25 New FX Units
• Innerspace
• Quad Resonators
• Thriftshop Speaker
• Classic Twin
• Bassman
• Hi-Wattage
• Rock Stack
• Brit-Vox
• Boutique
• San-Z-Amp
• Stompbox Modeler
• Metalzone Distortion
• Toxic Smasher
• Foxxy Fuzz
• Analog Phaser
• Analog Flanger
• Analog Chorus
• Analog Vibrato
• Solina Ensemble
• Vintage Tremolo
• Envelope Filter
• Crying Wah
• Stomp-Comp
• Precision Compressor
• Studio 2-Band EQ

Enhanced Browser
• Sound Match feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
• Sound Lock allows endless variations by locking sound aspects while you browse
• Easy sound/project sharing for collaborators and third party libraries
• Improved sound organization system
• Fast progressive loading allows rapid auditioning
• Browse patches by mood
• Expanded genres
• Browse by oscillator type
• Boolean search options

Flexible New FX Features
• 16 FX units per patch
• Full matrix modulation of every FX slot
• New Aux FX rack per patch with Pre/Post fader sends
• Hundreds of new FX presets and racks
• Lock FX while browsing

Special Features
• Live mode with key splits
• Enhanced orb with attractor mode
• Tweak trilian custom controls interface inside Omnisphere
• Global clock speed (halftime, doubletime, etc)

Full Feature Set:

• Now includes over 12,000 inspiring sounds for all types of music production
• Audio Import - Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
• New Interface with Enhanced Browsing and "Zooming" into deeper synthesis levels
• Audio Import - Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
• Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator
• Sound Match feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
• Sound Lock feature gives endless variations by locking sound aspects while browsing
• New "Spotlight EDM" library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
• Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm for amazing transformations
• 58 incredible FX Units, which are fully integrated and can be modulated
• Creative "Psychoacoustic" sounds from the renowned Spectrasonics sound design team
• Wavetable Synthesis - Each waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
• ORB circular motion interface allows infinitely-shifting variations
• Deeper FM/Ring Modulation capabilities for aggressive timbres
• Dual Filter architecture includes more than 28 Filter algorithms in series or parallel
• Performance-oriented Live Mode allows for seamless patch layering on the fly
• Flex-Mod modulation system allows powerful, modular-style matrix routing
• Stack Mode interface allows for complex patch-layering, splits, and crossfades
• New Mini-Browser available at all times plus larger Full Browser design
• Up to 10 oscillators per patch can be either DSP synth or sample-based
• Eight independent Arpeggiators with unique Groove Lock feature
• Polyphonic Timbre Shifting/Crushing, Waveshaping and Reduction
• Six full-featured LFOs per patch, with syncing and complex waveforms
• Eight Envelopes with both simple ADSR-style or advanced multi-breakpoint interfaces
• Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third-party libraries
• Sample-based soundsources can be processed with synthesis features
• Includes FREE Omni TR iPad remote app

System Requirements for all Users:

• 2.4 GHz or higher processor
• 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more recommended
• Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
• 64GB of free hard drive space

Mac Users:

• OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher
• AU, VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS/AAX capable host software
• Audio Unit plugin requires host with support for "Cocoa" based plugins
• Native 64-bit and 32-bit on OSX

Windows Users:

• VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS/AAX capable host software
• Microsoft Windows 7/Vista compatible
• Native 64-bit and 32-bit on Windows
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