Auralex Hoverdeck v2 Drum Riser

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The Auralex HoverDeck v2 is specifically engineered to reduce coloration from floor resonance by decoupling the drum kit from the structure, resulting in a tighter, more pure sound for both studio and FOH.

No longer will hollow stages resonate with a "muddy-rumble", or will concrete floor "suck" the tone out of your kick drum and floor tom. In the studio , on stage, or in the practice room, Hoverdeck v2's rugged modular laminate core & web-like ISO-Puck modular riser sections minimize structure-borne sound transmission and sympathetic vibrations between drums and hardware. Your drums can finally have rumble-free purity of tone like you've never heard before. Drums and hardware stay in place with the fabric-wrapped panels.

HoverDeck v2 = Options
The HoverDeck v2 is available in sets of (2) panels each measuring 23 x 23 x 1". A total of 8 panels can accommodate a typical four and five-piece drum kit, and a total of 12 or more panels can be configured for larger drum kits and touring applications. All configurations utilize a set of low-profile isolating boards that assemble quickly via strategically placed hook and loop fasteners. An optional rugged road case is also available (sold separately).


• Decouples drums from stages and floors
• Optimizes the tone of your drum kit
• Reduces structure resonance
• Fabric-covered panels keep your kit in-place
• Expandable to accommodate larger setups
• Black

HoverDeck v2 Set Includes:

2x Platforms (23-1/4" x 23-1/4" x 1" each)
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