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Dangerous Music 2-BUS+ Next Generation 16x2 Analog Summing Mixer

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Dangerous Music invented the stand-alone analog summing mixer with the ground-breaking 2-BUS back in 1999, and now they are redefining mixing yet again with the brand new 2-BUS+. With a redesigned analog summing circuit that exceeds previous specifications, the 2-BUS+ delivers unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality, punch and headroom. While the 2-BUS+ active summing sounds incredible on its own, it now includes three innovative custom color circuits that provide a vast array of flexibly routed tonal options. Harmonics is a euphoric odd- and even-order distortion generator; Paralimit is a hard-hitting FET-style limiter; and X-Former is a pair of Cinemag output transformers with an exclusive core-overdrive circuit. With it's elegantly straightforward buttons and knobs, the 2-BUS+ puts endless combinations of robust analog sound at your fingertips.

The superior summing capabilities and timeless analog tone processors of the 2-BUS+ will always be a relevant, compatible and valuable centerpiece in your studio.


• 16 channels of the worlds best active analog summing, that even surpasses the original.
• Three distinctive analog color options: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former.
• Effortless routing and blending of analog color circuits via elegant user interface.
• Switchable stereo analog insert for easy outboard gear integration.
• Massive sounds, sacrificing no detail.
• Crystal clear sonic imaging and three-dimensionality.
• Endless headroom for modern digital signal levels.
• Stepped output gain control for exact recalls.
• Both XLR and D-Sub input connectivity.
• Audiophile-grade components throughout.
• Hand-assembled in the USA.


Max Input Level > +28 dBu

THD+N @+4dBu: 1KHz, unweighted, 22Hz to 22kHz < 0.0048%

THD+N @+22dBu: 1KHz, unweighted, 22Hz to 22kHz < 0.0026%

IMD @ +4dBu: < 0.0038%

IMD @ +22dBu: < 0.0021%

Crosstalk rejection: > 108dBu @ 1KHz

Noise at Unity Gain: 22Hz to 22KHz: < -86dBu
Noise at Nominal Mix Setting: 22Hz to 22KHz: < -91dBu

Frequency Response: Flat within 0.1dB from 10Hz -50kHz

Input Impedance: 25K Ohms Balanced

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms Balanced

Replacement Fuses: AMERICAS: 90-120VAC 2 Amp Slo-Blo fuse. EUROPE: 200-260VAC 1 Amp Slo-Blo fuse

*Note: Dangerous Music, Inc. publishes actual measured specifications, not theoretical numbers derived from data sheets published by chip manufacturers.
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