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Mbrace Mbrace Guitar Performance Stand

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This product is no longer available.

Mbrace attaches to any conventional tripod mircophone stand and works equally well with any electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, either right or left handed, and even works with roundback instruments. Mbrace provides the support, comfort, freedom, and versatility that every guitarist needs while not compromising the performance or sound of the instrument. It is equally useful for displaying your guitar.


• Holds most electric, acoustic and bass guitars
• Walkup and play, and switch instruments seamlessly during performances
• Support, comfort, freedom and versatility
• 11 different playing angles
• Simply screws onto any standard US threaded tripod microphone stand
• Also works on some handheld keyboards

Great to find an affordable guitar holder!1 of 1 customers found this review helpful

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This thing is so simple that, 1) it's genius, and 2) should be a bit cheaper, lol. Oh well. But the alternatives I found were all quite a bit more...over $350 in fact. I have always wanted a "guitar butler" anyway, but I found this device online whilst recovering from surgery last summer. I had orders not to lift or carry for several weeks. This was the perfect solution. And I was happy to see L&M Halifax had them in stock! My surgery has healed, but I love my MBrace more and more; it works great using my guitar's strap pins. It holds my heavy Les Paul or Taylor acoustic. (Some older guitars may need a front pin installed or relocated). I WILL be keeping a close eye on the strap for wear and tear, and I use care when mounting the guitar, although I have the hang of it now. Use a good mic stand bottom - a tripod, not a disc, IMO. Two things I noticed in the studio these past weeks that surprised me: 1) I can really "fly" when trying complex lead parts, (if I do say so myself, lol) and I see myself using this in the studio a lot. It's to do with not having to hold the guitar neck up I think. 2) My acoustics have a noticeably "richer" sound on the MBrace, and I can only guess it's because my beer belly is not soaking up the vibrations! Anyway, love this thing and number 2 is on my Christmas wish-list...
Posted by John David Peer aka baD mR fRosTy on Oct 25, 2016
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