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Traynor 10''/200 watt Combo Drum Amp

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The 200-watt ultra-compact DW10 has been designed from the ground up to handle wide dynamic range and transient nature of modern electronic drum kits easily and effectively. Ideal for stage, private practice or rehearsal hall, the Traynor DW10 drum amplifier uses a compact wedge monitor format and a high power low distortion 10-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver on a PA style horn to deliver maximum tone and clarity.

Three discrete stereo input channels with stereo XLR balanced DI output make the DW10 a perfect small mixer solution for live applications. Channels 2 and 3 can bypass the DI output so monitor feeds or metronome sources can be mixed into the DW10, but not sent to the Front-of-House PA - making the DW10 combo the ideal monitoring solution for the working drummer.

Solid plywood cabinet construction and an all metal grille ensure unmatched long term ruggedness and reliability.


- Compact 200-watt Wedge Design
- Tuned for Maximum Performance with Electronic Drum Kits
- High Performance 10-inch Woofer
- 1-Inch PA Quality High Frequency Compression Driver
- Three Discrete Stereo Input Channels
- Selectable DI Send on Channel Three Allowing for Isolated Click Track or Local Monitoring
- Stereo XLR Balanced Output

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Traynor thought this through when they designed this gem of an edrum amp. I bought two for a stereo effect with my Roland TD-25 and Roland TD-12 V-Drum Kits on stage but because these are designed in stereo you could run your edrums no problem with one amp. I've been using Roland drums since 2002 with my original kit the TD-10 Concert Kit, so I've gone through a lot of amps with V-Drums and I can say that I love this Traynor DW10. Features, I give a 5 out of 5. It's loaded with features and I love the DI and EQ send capabilities. Quality, I give a 4.5 because I still believe that a 10 inch speaker is low on the scale of recommended speaker size for edrums, but this little amp's low distortion rate can handle the low frequency of the bass drum very well and I tested that theory by cranking up the bass, master volume and channel volume then hitting my bass drum and I rattled the windows. Yes, if you crank it up all the way it'll distort, but that's at full power and any amp would be doing the same. Value, I gave a 4 out of 5, because it is pricey, but any alternative could cost more and this has features like the DI & EQ send that allows you to run XLR to a PA System then flip them around as on stage monitors, so the value does make it an advantage. Overall, I gave 4.5 and for most edrummers it's a 5 out of 5 but I play live indoor and outdoor shows that has me coming up with an extra speaker as a monitor at my kit on stage, so I need a 3rd amp with my onstage setup, but that's not the fault of the Traynor DW10. Check me out at -
Posted by George Price on Aug 22, 2017
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Traynor DW10 Drum Amp [Product Demonstration]
Description: Chris Friesen from Long & McQuade White Rock discusses the features and demonstrates the Traynor DW10 10'' 200-watt combo electronic drum amplifier.