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GIA Publications Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision - Benham - Book

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Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision - Benham - Book
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Author: John L Benham
Format: Book
Version: Text

A summary of the practice of music advocacy, this book compiles research and thirty years' experience of one of the nation's most successful advocates for music education. It gives music educators, administrators, school board members, and community advocates step-by-step procedures for saving and building school music programs.

John L. Benham has been in music education for over forty years and has worked as an advocacy consultant saving and building music programs for thirty years. His advocacy work and the methods presented in this book have saved $70 million in proposed music cuts, equivalent to approximately 2,000 teaching positions and 500,000 music students.

Read what people have to say about Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision...

"Finallya 'how to' book for music education in our own districts! John L. Benham provides us with 'the right stuff' as well as rules to ensure that programs stay intact and keep complacency at bay. This must-have resource helps us understand educational processes and how budget decisions are made. It also provides suggestions on how to involve all constituents in the process of advocacy by guaranteeing that the best interest of the students remains the basis for all decision making. Music programs can be saved even when cuts appear to be imminent, and Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision provides effective, proactive strategies not only to avoid these cuts but also to establish a long-term plan for continued development." - Marcia M. Neel, president, Music Education Consultants, Inc.

"John Benham is a rare individual who walks his talk with a sense of mission unknown in common hours, and every person connected with arts education is the beneficiary of his immeasurable commitment and dedication. Once again he has come to the forefront of the profession by sharing his profound knowledge and wisdom. Simply put, this book represents a tried-and-true blueprint of success. It is a priceless gift to the future of our educational landscape and a reflective tribute to the visionary contribution of an author of purpose." - Tim Lautzenheiser, Attitude Concepts for Today, Inc.

"Benham's new book is a must-have for every music department at both the K12 and collegiate levels. His theory of reverse economics along with his guidance have saved music education experiences for thousands of students as well as many careers. This book provides information on scheduling issues as well as a clear explanation of his reverse economics theory. It gives a step-by-step outline on how to handle threats to music programs. The book is a wealth of information and is highly recommended." - Mary Wagner, chair, Fairfax Arts Coalition for Education, and National ASTA past president

"As a music retailer who has worked closely with John L. Benham for over ten years, I appreciate his discovery of reverse economics. It is brilliantly simple and proves the financial efficacy of a healthy music department! Every instrument retailer needs to share this vital resource with all of their school customers. This is the manual that every music department needs to fully support their program. The information needs to be shared with your school board every year." - Doug Schmitt, vice president of music education, Schmitt Music Stores

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