Mel Bay Beginner Violin Theory and Sight Reading for Children, Book One - Smith - Book/Audio Online

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Author: Melanie Smith
Format: Book with Audio Online
Instrumentation: Violin

Book 1 in the Melanie Smith violin sight reading series introduces students to theory concepts which are fundamental for sight reading with efficiency and ease. Book 1 will begin by covering theory involving note duration, note identification, musical terminology and key signatures. Section 2 will focus on theory concepts and sight reading exercises for individual and paired string combinations. Included as well in this section are listening samples and guided questions to allow for extensions beyond this workbook. Section 3 includes a comprehensive review of all instructional concepts covered in this book. Includes access to online audio.

  • Learning Note Durations and Rhythm Syllables
  • Learning to Combine Notes
  • Four New Rhythms and Syllables
  • Learning Rest Values
  • Learning About Time Signatures
  • Sight Clapping / Rhythmic Reading
  • Musical Terms and Symbols
  • Reading Music: Space Notes
  • Reading Music: Line Notes
  • Drawing Sharps
  • Order of Sharps
  • Key Signatures with Sharps
  • Sharps, Naturals, and Flat
  • Learning High Notes
  • Sight Reading Forward
    • A String Theory
    • Beginner Enharmonics Review Chart
    • A String Sight reading Pieces
    • E String Theory
    • E String Sight Reading
  • A and E STRINGS
    • A and E String Theory
    • Playing the A Major Scale
    • A and E String Sight Reading Pieces
    • D String Theory
    • D String Sight Reading
  • A and D STRINGS
    • A and D String Theory
    • Playing the D Major Scale
    • A and D String Sight Reading Pieces
    • G String Theory
    • G string Sight Reading Pieces
  • D and G STRINGS
    • D and G String Theory
    • Playing the G Major Scale
    • D and G String Sight Reading Pieces
  • Putting it all Together
  • Answer Key
  • Certificate
  • About Melanie Smith
  • Audio Track Playing List
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