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Sabian 16'' Artisan Elite Hats

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16\'\' Artisan Elite Hats
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Skillfully handcrafted at every step using elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned, 16" Artisan Elite Hats take Artisan deeper, darker, dirtier. Tonally, drummers would not be far off the mark to consider Elite the "black sheep" of the Artisan family. Extensive multi-peen, high-density hammering is one of the factors that contribute to the Elite sound, resulting in tone that is lower-pitched and drier than other Artisan cymbals. The cup and profile is lower than 14" Elite hats, resulting drier, dirtier tone. They are also lighter than 14" Elite Hats, with a light top over a medium bottom. The feel is softer - but just enough to allow the surface to absorb stick without over-absorbing energy. The lathing delivers articulation that gets close to that of a raw cymbal while allowing the cymbal to open up to a degree, resulting in a very solid foot and contributing to their added complexity. Artisan Elite also differ from other Artisan cymbals in appearance. With un-lathed traces of surface revealing tin oxide and other imperfections, they will appeal to drummers who like dirt and blemishes on their cymbals - a look that's perfectly coordinated with the dirt in the tone. SABIAN Artisan cymbals have always been masterpieces, pushing forward the art of cymbal making while delivering old-world sound. Artisan Elite are the latest cymbals from Sabian to deliver on the Artisan promise.

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Bought this set and as you can see in the picture there is an anomaly at the top of the cymbal in the picture. Its missed hammering gone over the edge and creates durability concerns over prolonged use. I asked if this was intentional and rather than answering, Sabian said they would "take care of me" They made me another set but this new set had the exact same couple hammer strikes over the edge and also had audible concerns like groaning and rattling. When I brought these concerns to light they ignored me for over 3 weeks before telling me I have poor taste in cymbals and should buy a different set. They then phoned me and said they understood the problem and will make me a new set. They sent me another set with the same over hammered edge and not really sure why they wasted so much of my time and money.
Posted by Chris on Aug 17, 2023
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